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BBN: All You Talk About Is Relationship, Nengi Slams Ozo




The chance that Nengi and Ozo would have a romantic relationship in the Big Brother Naija house is getting slimmer by the day.

Ozo has been on Nengi’s case since the start of the reality show with the fair-complexioned lady insisting that she is not interested in a relationship with him.

Nengi has also maintained that she has a relationship outside the show, adding that she fell out with her partner because she failed to tell him about going for the reality show until the last minute.

Despite this, Ozo has continued to disturb her seeking a relationship. In one of their conversations, Ozo typically proposed to Nengi with the beauty asking him if he was under the influence of alcohol.

Nengi however shocked Ozo last night when she told him that all he seems to talk about when they are together is about a relationship.

The duo had returned from a presentation and Ozo had tried talking to Nengi, but she told him to hold on, adding that she needed to change her cloth. When Ozo asked Nengi if she was okay, she replied yes, but when she asked him if he was okay, Ozo said he wasn’t. He however felt bad that Nengi didn’t ask why he was not okay.

On asking why she didn’t ask why he was not okay, Nengi replied him saying: “All You Ever Talk About Is Relationship”


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