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BBN All Stars: All Hell Let Loose In Big Brother House



-Pere, Adekunle Face Off

-Neo, Alex Exchange Words


All hell was let loose in the Big Brother Naija All Star house when Adekunle and Pere faced off.

The duo almost exchanged blows as they exchanged words as a result of happenings from the Head of House challenge.

During the exchange of words, Adekunle was heard telling Pere not to touch him, while said he would. Adekunle also told Pere not to feel like he is special with his American accent as he could also switch to the accent if necessary, as he is also an America.

Adekunle who said that he is from Lagos Island also told Pere that he is not the kind of person Pere wants to be facing off with, as they could meet up outside the show if he is sure of himself.

Meanwhile, Neo and Alex also got into their own shouting match, as Neo who described Alex as a good friend frowned at the fact that she seemed to have had other intentions for not updating him about a situation involving him and Adekunle.

Neo said that Alex was responsible for intervening on his behalf during a washing machine incident, but didn’t update him when she eventually found out the true situation of things, insinuating that Alex had another motive.


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