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Atorise Hits Airwaves With ” Big Thanks”




The garment gives thanks to the shoulder.

The visitor gives thanks to hospitable dweller.

The diviner gives thanks to his unfailing deity.

The àlúkò bird gives thanks to the camwood resin. When day dawns, the cattle egret gives thanks to the chalk, because thanksgiving turns what we have into enough.

In this skillfully-crafted composition titled “OPE NLA” (Big Thanks), the immensely talented, very successful and widely-admired trailblazer, Lanre Teriba (Atorise), known for his mellifluous voice and his melodious and deeply inspiring songs, encourages us to adopt the act of being grateful as an unbendable habit, no matter what situations we find ourselves.

Like his other albums, this new composition will surely inspire people. OPE NLA audio CDs will be out in the market this week Wednesday, 23, July, 2020.

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