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As Wike Eyes New Party, Eze Exposes His Anger over Ayade, Umahi




… Reveals Governor’s Failed Attempts at Joining the APC


… Uncovers Details of How He Sponsored Abe, Aguma to Secure Him a Safe Passage into Ruling Party but failed woefully


… Sets eyes to the formation of Third Force as an alternative to PDP and APC

Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress and erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party nPDP, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, has said Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State recently attempted to constitute himself into the General Commanding Leader of the PDP and by extension, arrogating to himself powers to make and unmake policies and mar adversaries, by dictating what should and what should not happen in the polity. He has in this self-imposed capacity, tried to bulldoze, muzzle and intimidate those whose consciences are given to gluttony – a serious failure in self-discipline and thus appear difficult to be bought over.

In a statement made available to Media Houses in Port Harcourt and International Community, Eze said Wike directed the Peoples Democratic Party to sue Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State and his counterpart from Cross Rivers State, Prof. Ben Ayade, both of whom dumped the PDP in November 2020 and May 2021 respectively.

Eze said Gov. Wike’s stand on these two great leaders sounds funny, recalling that the Rivers Governor spearheaded the reelection of the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, who freely dumped the APC and joined the PDP without anyone asking the APC to sue the Edo Governor for jumping ship. We have several cases of Governors dumping their parties to join another including some associates of Governor Wike. For instance, Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue and Governor Aminu Tambwual whom he (Wike) is plotting to be his Running mate in the 2023 elections have at one time or the other dumped the APC to join the PDP.

Where was the hypocritical Wike then and why did he not recommend that they be sanctioned if he has no ulterior motive against Governors Umahi and Ayade? Is it not surprising that the Rivers State governor becomes a fighter against what he did in the past?

Nigerians may not even know that Wike has since 2016 been scheming on how to join the APC, using some divisive and undemocratic elements in the party to see if he can use them to control the APC in Rivers State and formally join the party and become the leader of the party in the State but his failure in this regard is propelling him to destroy the PDP to enable him join forces with some frustrated politicians to form what they term as Third Force political party by 2022.

Eze further exposed the roles played by some of Wike’s agents such as Hon. Igo Aguma, Chief Ibiamu Ikanya and many others that assumed to be leaders of APC while playing the role of Wike, by ensuring that the party doesn’t exist in the State, are still very fresh in the minds of closer watchers of political happenings in Rivers State.

Till this day, his closest ally, Senator Magnus Abe, the arrowhead of this heinous plot is not relenting in handing over to Gov. Wike the Rivers State APC structure to enable him (Wike) formally  join the party should the plot of forming the Third Force Political Party with Senator Okorocha , Gov. Tambwual and others fails.

This is not minding that most of his collaborators assumed to have dumped him (Abe) are formally welcomed by Wike and appointed into the State Executive Council and some into his Cathedral of spent politicians from Rivers State that have constituted themselves into a very big Choir Group dancing and singing for Wike in most of his political outings for their devious role in destroying the Rivers State APC.

In this devilish plot, Gov. Wike succeeded in using Abe to ensure that APC does not even participate or contest the 2019 general election in the State and has continued to boast that Rivers State APC will not contest the 2023 general elections if he fails to take over the party structure. In this regard, he has plotted with his Judiciary Super Market in Rivers State to frustrate the party from organising her Congresses as approved by the National Body of the APC. But no matter his evil machinations in this regard, APC will surely take over the Brick House come 2023.

The fact is very clear that Wike is not relenting to actualise this devilish plot of decimating APC as a political party in Rivers State.

Eze further highlighted that those who are close watchers and followers of Gov. Nyesom Wike and his type of politics felt awkward when he publicly requested PDP to sue foresighted Governors like Umahi and Ayade of Ebonyi and Cross River states, who saw the plots of Wike to destroy PDP in time and took to their heels before the collapsing PDP fails on them.

Gov. Wike was fully aware that PDP is collapsing when he cried out during a Live program on a national Television that save the intervention of the party’s Governors and BOT members, the party would have witnessed an unprecedented implosion. The question therein is, if Wike was aware that the party was to be imploded, why should Umahi and Ayade stay until that time when the party finally collapses as now envisaged. The Rivers State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, says the resolution of the internal crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has allayed his initial fear of possible implosion in the party.

Eze counsels that instead of PDP wasting its lean purse to pursue a useless case against Umahi and Ayade the party should instead congratulate and commend the two wise leaders for dumping the party before its final collapse.

Eze further postulated that Wike’s anger against Ayade and Umahi stems from the fact that the two visionary leaders disappointed him by joining the APC before him while he would have preferred them to wait and collaborate with him so that they can join the party as a team and he would have posed as the one who brought them over.

Wike has learnt nothing, despite the classes arranged for him to understudy how non-oil producing States could be developing so rapidly while he overseers an Oil-producing State without any tangible development to show for his six years of miserable governance in Rivers State where Civil Servants are treated as slaves while Pensioners are dying in droves because of non- payment of their pension and millions of Naira are spent to commission street light while Umahi is embarking upon constructions of an international Airport, Olympic Size Stadium, International Shopping mall, outstanding Ecumenical Centre, International Markets and over 16 standard Flyovers and Ayade is constructing industries everywhere as if he is eating egg coupled with the construction of a super highway road, the first by any State Government. Wike couldn’t understand the magic behind the greatness of these two visionary leaders and thought that the best way to handle them is to scheme a witch-hunt by asking the collapsing PDP to sue them just to distract them from the speed in which they are developing their various states.

Eze though sad over the speed in which Wike is decimating PDP by his evil influence, assured Nigerians that with Atiku Abubakar still in the PDP, Wike will certainly come to understand that he is playing with fire when he decides to think that he can undermine Prince Uche Secondus using his Super Market Judiciary in River State, forgetting that it is only the Ward Chapter of a party that has the sole authority to sack a political leader from his party.

Let me formally congratulate Prince Uche Secondus for successfully setting aside the Court judgement from Rivers State dismembering him as a PDP member by the Kebbi High Court recent judgement reinstating him back to his office. “I must confess that Wike made the greatest political blunder of his life by his attempt to disgrace Secondus from office. Let the game play on”

Eze urges the leadership and stakeholders of PDP to obey the Court judgement and allow Prince Secondus to complete his tenure without any further hiccup

If PDP is not careful, Wike will ensure that it never participates in the 2023 general elections. I am not asking them to ignore my warning but to save this statement for future reference.

Finally, Eze appealed and urged Governors Ben Ayade of Cross Rivers State and David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State not to worry themselves over the unwarranted threat by Wike and concentrate on the development of their states as he is just an ever busy Interloper.

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