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APC WARD CONGRESS: Lagos Mainland L.G Members Kick




Members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Ward D, Lagos Mainland local government have expressed their dissatisfaction following the outcome of the party’s congress that was recently held.

Aggrieved members in the said area are displeased at injustice and lack of transparency they alleged was perpetrated by some leaders at the Lagos Mainland section of the party during the Ward congress. The leaders, according the aggrieved members, did not only impose candidates for various positions at the congress, they were equally accused of totally denying them of any form of participation in the process of choosing who they wanted as their representatives in the affairs of the party.

In a petition by the aggrieved party to the Chairman, Congress Committee, APC, Lagos state, they registered their displeasure at how the leaders shared the slots among different groups in the Ward except for Ward D that was allegedly excluded. It is also contained in the petition that one of the groups, Mainland Voice, got sixteen slots out of the entire slots that were twenty six in number even as it was added that the same group was allotted prominent positions like Chairman, Woman leader, Youth leader among the rest, all to the advantage of these leaders.  This, aggrieved party said it is injustice and unacceptable.

Recalling the incident, Honorable Debo Collins, a prominent member of Ward D who doubles as the state patron of a grass root movement for the actualization of Governor Ambode’s second term, Liberal Minds, laments the exclusion of Ward D from the process as he also reacted that no congress was actually held but a mere process of ratification was actually held.  ‘The leadership in the Mainland excluded our group during the leadership meeting and agreed to allocate certain Wards among themselves and also field the slots in the Wards without our participation, without any contribution or inclusion from our part, and that’s the bone of contention that we have with the congress that just happened, that it wasn’t transparent’.

He continued,   ‘What actually transpired was that it was agreed among a few people, to be precise, three people, that chose who the candidates would be and there was actually no congress. It was actually ratification. So it was like a case of me and two other people , writing a list and say this is who we want for our Ward Chairman, Ward Secretary , Youth leader and so on , and to even top it up, one group took sixteen out of twenty six. If one group takes sixteen out of twenty six, what is left? That is part of the things we are complaining about.  Meanwhile, the whole essence of this exercise is to bring in new energy, new people. That is why our leaders said and it was agreed that if you done more than two terms, you should step aside and get some new people with new energy and get some youths in it to energize the party. What we are seeing is a backdoor way of circumventing the system, that is why we are totally against it and we want our party to address this, because if the slots were shared based on group, we have a group. If it is shared based on leadership, we have leadership, if it is based on popularity, we have followership so, there is no reason to be sidelined or not having any voice whatsoever’. He said.


However, while the former House of Assembly aspirant and prominent member of Buhari Support Organization, Collins is of the opinion that such occurrence could be a bane of the party if it’s not nipped in the bud even as state congress is ahead, he’s however optimistic the appeal before the party will be properly treated.  ‘Apart from the one that just happened last week, which is the Ward, there is going to be state’s so it’s important we address it now so we don’t have a party or a group of disenfranchise people or people that are not happy with the system. We believe in inclusion and we believe the party will do what is right in addressing this issue. The appeal process is there, we are faithful party members and we will go through the process and we believe it will be addressed and it will be inclusive of all members of this great party’. He submitted.

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