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Fresh information has emerged on the whereabouts of Benny Peters, the oil baron declared wanted by anti-corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC).

He is said to be in Ghana.

What is he doing and why does he remain elusive?

This is how maestromedia captured all in this new report

Benedict “Benny” Peters is the elusive businessman oil tycoon behind the oil and gas concern by name AITEO where he is the founder and Executive Vice Chairman. The brand is among the biggest players in that field in Nigeria, and with a high stake in the oil field known as OML 29 which they had bought in 2014 in the heydays of the Goodluck Jonathan administration for $2.58 billion, under the keep of the embattled former Petroleum Resources Minister, Mrs. Dieziani Allison-Madueke. AITEO was established in 2008.

Prior to the emergence of this present Government of President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, Benny Peters was one of those in the corridors of power, who though was doing his own private business, but was a force to reckon with and called shots then. He bestrode the corridors of power quietly like a colossus, he was one of those privileged enough to have gotten the opportunity to buy a lucrative oil well, so just like his own status grew astronomically, his brand AITEO also grew in status and were like a new bride that was getting all the right attention from all the right places and right people.

But alas, not too soon after all the seeming good times, it seems like the bubble might have busted too quickly too! For immediately this current administration came on board and the former Petroleum Resources Minister, Mrs. Dieziani Allison-Madueke quickly took what is seeming like an infinite “leave of absence” from the country that she has yet to come back from (spoke to her legs), a few of her well known close associates too, also seemingly dusted their feet too and went on holiday too, that they haven’t yet returned back from. Mr Peters was one of those who did too.

Mr. Peters who was a good friend of the head pastor of the House on the Rock Church, in the person of Pastor Paul Adefarasin has since he went abroad, given Nigeria a wide berth and it seems he is not willing to return so soon.

Why he decided to take such a decision, we cannot say?

Why would someone whose major business is located in Nigeria, his major cash cow at that, and the brand itself is even supposedly doing very well not want to return to your own country?

The unconfirmed speculation as we speak is that Mr. Peters is not too far away from Nigeria at all, only that he prefers to conduct the affairs of his vast business empire from our neighbouring country- Ghana! Remember with the way technology has made the world a global village, meetings can be conducted at anytime virtually and online real time. Him being physically present at meetings is of no importance no more, thanks to technology.

Culled: Maestromedia


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