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Again, service provider, MTN goofs



A lot is expected from a leading communication outfit like MTN.
However, when it has to do with the messages being sent out to its customers as TVC much more is expected.

Nevertheless, MTN does not seem to care about the content of its TVCs, as in recent times, it has been splashing millions in sending the wrong messages out about their brands.
The most recent of misleading TVCs remains that which promotes borrowing of credit from the network.
In the commercial, a gaily dressed celebrity in Tiwa Savage, driving a Range Rover and with a hairdo which would have cost at least twenty thousand naira suddenly realizes she does not have airtime on her phone and is saved by the bell when she borrows credit from MTN.
While the concept for the advert is perfect it leaves a lot of questions in its wake, as how many people who own Range Rovers or how many celebrities really buy airtime?

More often than not,  a man or woman who can afford an SUV of such class with a celebrity status as Tiwa Savage operates a business line and would only pay at the end of the month, hence they never run out of credit.
One simple fact which is glaring for all who are not admiring Tiwa Savage, her hairdo, or her Range Rover is that MTN missed it in the credit borrowing TVC, as the concept would have been perfect for a bike man than a celebrity.




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