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Aftermath of Globalcom Sack: Frustrated Actress, Rita Dominic attacks Nobel Igwe



Since the story that Communication outfit Globalcom sacked some actresses and actors from their ambassadorial list hit town none of the thespians have said anything about the development.

From Ramsey Noah to Uche Jumbo, the reaction to the sad news is no different. However, for Rita Dominic, it has been a more critical situation, as was hinted that she is currently battling the pains from the sack.

She however lost control recently when she attacked Nobel Igwe recently because the lad had tagged the group of sacked ambassadors as ‘Has Been’.

In the war of words between Dominic and Igwe, the infuriated actress rebuffed Igwe’s tag, telling him not to worry, as she would pray for him to be an Has Been, basing her argument on the fact that rather than sympathize with the sacked actors and actresses Noble was insulting them.

Funny enough, Dominic, has been heavily criticised for her behaviour, as observers of the development are accusing her of transferring her aggression to the innocent man.

A certain Mohammed Ali who commented on the issue on the social media Twitter said Dominic should transfer her anger to Mike Adenuga and not the innocent Igwe, who was just airing his opinion.




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