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AFRIMA Receives Highest Ever Entry Since Inception




Organisers of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), have announced that it received a total of 9,076 entries for possible nominations for the awards ceremony proper.

This edition is the highest since the inception of the award in 2014.

The entries came from entertainers across all five African regions, as well as Europe and North America, represented a 2.2 percentage increase from the 8,880 entries recorded in the 2021 edition. The entries submission began on Monday, May 30, and closed by midnight on Friday, August 5.

“This development is a clear indicator that AFRIMA is the pinnacle of African music globally, and Africans value the importance of celebrating themselves, as culture remains one of our strongest tools for global unification, as well as economic growth,” AFRIMA Juror representing diaspora, North America, Hadja Kobele, commented.

Interestingly, from the array, Eastern African region led the trail with 2,890 entries, representing 31.8 percent; while West African region followed closely with 2,863 entries, representing 31.5 percent; and Southern African region joined in the race with 1,659 entries, representing 18.2 percent; while Central Africa comes fourth with 941 entries, representing 10.3 percent; complementing the 373 entries from Northern African entertainers who represented 3.8 percent, while the remaining 349 entries from the diaspora represented 4.1 percent of all total submissions.


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