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Actress, Moyo Lawal Says She Is Tired Of Being Celibate***Read Why




Months back, Nollywood controversial actress, Moyo Lawal announced that she was celibate.

The actress said that she was staying away from men and focus on herself.

However, she seems to have had enough of celibacy, as she recently was quoted saying that she doesn’t know what sex feels like anymore.

Asides from losing knowledge of what it feels like, the actress also added that she is tired of losing all of her toasters and needs to join the crowd.

Lawal said this in a post on social media, Instagram. Do you really believe that she has indeed been celibate?

Read what she wrote below

‘When you can’t beat them or change the system. You what! Please do people still have relationships with no xxx involved this days ??? Like realistically , let’s not lie about it. I’m not talking about the people that have three ooh. People that are actually dating one person ….. Is it possible ??’ she wrote.

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