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Actor, Don Richard Question Men Who Tolerate Password On Their Wife’s Phone



Actor, Don Richard has questioned married men who can’t access their wife’s phones because it has a password.

He took to social media to tackle this sect of married men asking if they paid their wife’s bride price.

In a video shared online, Richard asked how a woman whose husband paid her bride price be comfortable locking her phone with a password.

In his words;

‘’It’s very funny. How can I pay your bride price, spend so much on our wedding and then I put you in my house and you go ahead to put a password on your phone and you say I cannot check your phone, I cannot check who is chatting with you on Whatsapp, sending you a friend request, sending you voice notes on Whatsapp, and you call me your husband?

“Hope you know all the rubbish you were doing when you were still single has ended? You shouldn’t have gotten married then?

“Men, your wife will tell you that you cannot touch her phone and that she has passworded it and you will agree? You do not remember how much you spent on your wedding day? I pity you guys! You will train a child till when he is 25 and then you will now discover he is for someone else. You better go and do a DNA test now.”

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