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Abubakar Danlami Sule’s Unique Leadership Style



Abubakar Danlami Sule

Management comes in different folds, especially in the banking and finance industry.

While the Group Managing Director of a financial institution might prefer playing to the gallery, another’s preference might be the job.

For this sect, the principle is much work and less talk. It is this sect that Abubakar Danlami Sule, Group Managing Director of Keystone Bank Plc belongs to.

Barely a year since his appointment, Sule has taken the bank from where it used to be to where very few people could have imagined, with focus on both the success of the bank and its staff.

Since his appointment, there have been more retail businesses and growth agendas for both the bank and its staff, leaving commendations in the way of the amiable man.

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