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About Remi Tinubu’s New Profile




The manner with which Senator Remi Tinubu reacted to her colleague Senator Bukola Saraki when he initially emerged as Senate President would be remembered for a long while.

This is because it was a major contrast to what many who considered her as meek as a lamb had expected.

The same treatment was what was allegedly meted out to Segun Abraham, an aspirant for the Ondo State’s governorship seat recently when he ran into the senator at the 50th birthday celebration of Sunday Dare.

We learnt that Abraham who recently declared his intention to run for Ondo State’s governorship seat was bluntly told by the woman that he would never earn the All Progressive Congress (APC)’s governorship ticket of the state, as another candidate who was more loyal  had been picked. On the day, it was an embarrassed Abraham who left the party, as many in his entourage wondered why the senator would freely humiliate a man of such calibre.

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