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2027 Election: Any Party That Features Peter Obi Will Lose-Reno Omokri



Peter Obi

Reno Omokri has said that any political party that features Peter Obi, as its presidential candidate or running mate in 2027 will lose.

Obi was the Labour Party (LP)  presidential candidate in the last election.

Omokri stated this in a post on his Instagram page on Thursday, November 16, while reacting to news of the Labour Party rejecting Atiku Abubakar’s call for opposition parties to merge to confront the ruling APC.

Reno wrote;

‘’It is incredibly unwise for the Labour Party to reject Waziri Atiku Abubakar’s call for a merger between them and the Peoples Democratic Party. Especially after the results of the Imo, Kogi and Bayelsa elections. Execute your politics with logic and strategic thinking, not emotion and erratic mentality.

“If a united opposition could not defeat the All Progressives Congress in 2019, it only follows that it will hardly pull it off in 2023 and 2027 if they are divided. That is just pure common sense.

“In Nigeria’s history, only a coalition or merger of parties has been able to take power from the colonialists, the military, or the party in power. So, learn from history or prepare to be history.

“Whichever party features Peter Obi in 2027, whether as a Presidential candidate or running mate, will lose. The leaked Yes Daddy audio has finished Peter Obi’s political career at the federal level forever. His religious war comments against the Muslim Ummah will not be forgotten. Core Northern Muslims are not as forgetful or have a short attention span as many Southerners.

“The fact that we had three major Muslim Presidential candidates (Atiku, Tinubu, and Kwankwaso) and only one major Christian candidate (Peter Obi), yet a Muslim won, and another Muslim came second, is proof positive that Muslims have a higher population than Christians in Nigeria. I know it is not what you want to hear. However, the truth is bitter but better.

“And if the Labour Party do not realise this, they will only play into the hands of the All Progressives Congress by dividing opposition votes in 2027. Trader sense is not the same as the intelligence of a leader. To succeed in politics, you must be willing to work with even those you do not like, for a goal you like.

“Oya, insult!”

Whichever party features Peter Obi in 2027, whether as a Presidential candidate or running mate, will lose - Reno Omokri
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