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150 Fulfilled Prophecies Of Primate Ayodele In 2023




At the end of every year, Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church is known for always releasing new prophecies for the coming year. The accurate seer has been in this practice for close to three decades. His New Year prophecies have become phenomenal subjects thousands of his followers that span across the globe look up to for directions into the New Year.

For Primate Ayodele, it’s not about churning out prophecies but they also come to pass accurately. The majestic clergy is the only prophet among hundreds that prophecies about every sector including sports, politics, governances, corporate organizations, traditional institutions, education, federal ministries, local governments, yet maintains the credibility of his prophecies in all of these sectors world-wide.

As usual, he released his 2023 prophecies on Friday, 23rd Of December, 2022 and many of them came to pass in the course of the year. He also shared more prophecies in the year. Some of them even started coming to pass before 2022 ended to confirm that indeed, Primate Ayodele saw correctly.

Just before he releases 2024 prophecies in a few days time, it is important to review some of the 2023 prophecies that came to pass.

Among the 2023 fulfilled prophecies of Primate Ayodele, below are 150 of them as compiled by Nigerian journalist, Osho Oluwatosin:

1 FIRS: The federal inland revenue services (FIRS) leadership had it rough this year especially after the tenure of the former president, Muhammadu Buhari ended. The former chairman, Muhammad Nami was indicted in some fraudulent activities involving billions of Naira. In his prophecy on the commission, Primate Ayodele stated that there will be cases of corrupt practices in the FIRS.

‘’There will be cases of corrupt practices in the FIRS in Nigeria as revealed by the spirit of God. I foresee that the Agency and the leaders will be charged for financial crimes.’’

2 Climatic Conditions In Africa: The year 2023 was a year filled with surprises regarding the climatic condition. The African continent faced an unprecedented climatic condition that led to the death of a lot of people. Primate Ayodele foretold this in his 2023 prophecies.

‘’I foresee that the African Union {AU} and Countries in the Economic Community Of West African States {ECOWAS} will be troubled by climatic problems that will come up in the continent . This will cause problems for the African eco-system.

3 Agencies Dissolution: Few months into his administration, President Tinubu dissolved some government agencies and created new ones. This is a development that hasn’t happened in many years in Nigeria. Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecy revealed that the incoming government would make this move even before they won the election.

‘’I foresee the incoming government would scrap some government Agencies and form new ones. The spirit of God says the incoming new government in Nigeria come 2023 will create new Ministries and scrap some of the existing Ministries.’’

4 Ethnic and Religious Crisis: The 2023 presidential election was one that was defined by ethnicity and religion. The situation that surrounded these two phenomenon hasn’t been experienced before. Nigerians were divided across ethnic and religious lines and till now, some of ethnic groups are still alleging that they are being attacked. Primate Ayodele foretold this in his 2023 prophecies.

‘’We must be careful and prayerful in order to avert religious and ethnic crises in Nigeria as revealed by the spirit of God. Let us avert all forms of crises situations that would create problems and generate tension in Nigerian. Nigeria needs prayesr to avert crises. THESE ARE THE WORDS OF THE LORD’’


5 South Africa: The country went through a whole lot of issues in 2023. The president was threatened severally by huge protests that caused tension in the country. Till now, the president’s second term is not assured because of the issues that happened in the county especially economic wise. These were all included in Primate Ayodele’s 2023 prophecies.

‘’The spirit of God says there will be tensed moments that will engender crises and so many problems in South Africa. The Rainbow nation needs prayers for God’s protection. South Africa needs prayers so that there will be no killings, in fighting, protests and killing of police operatives. I foresee there will be protests in South African. The South Africa economy will not be stable and balanced. I foresee that the South African President’s time in Office will be getting worse. South Africa needs a lot of prayers to survive. President Ramaphosa also needs a lot of prayers to succeed.’’

6 EDUCATION : Primate Ayodele raised security concerns in the education sector in his 2023 prophecies. He shared that there will be attacks on University campuses in the year. It would be recalled that in the course of the year, several academic institutions were attacked.

‘’Let us pray so that security challenges will not affect any of our Universities. I foresee attacks on our University Campuses that will be a big threat to students . Let us be careful of cultism in the universities which will take another dimension. The management of every institution must look into this so it will not cause a big problem’’

7 LASTMA: Honestly, many wouldn’t have expected that agencies would fight each other in the country until it happened between LATSMA and soldiers in August. It was a dramatic day when videos of LASTMA Officials and soldiers fighting themselves in public surfaced. This was also predicted by Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecies.

‘’LAGOS STATE TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY—LASTMAThe government Agency will face crises situations. I foresee there will be deaths in LASTMA and thus the leadership must pray fervently to avert this.. LASTMA and Police Operatives will fight. There will be problems between LASTMA and the Army. The LASTMA Officials will cause accidents. ;LASTMA and Commercial bus drivers will fight and, Lagos drivers will go on strike.’’

8 2023 ELECTION: before we came Into 2023, Primate Ayodele had started talking about the 2023 presidential election. He had said that the APC is desperate to win the election and if the opposition don’t unite, they will lose the elections. He also shared that the Nigerian economy will go bad if the APC wins the election again. Just as he has said, we are facing it already.

9 FAAN: several prophecies of Primate Ayodele on the federal airports authority of Nigeria (FAAN) came to pass this year. He foretold an increase in the VAT and problems with some airlines. He foretold fire outbreak in Nigerian airports. He foresaw aircrafts overshooting the runway and others. All of these came to pass.

‘’FEDERAL AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF NIGERIA–FAAN The Agency will increase its VAT and they will have problems with some airlines. Some airlines will be in debts. Let us pray not to see any fire outbreak in any of our Airports. Let us pray against flooding on their runways so it would not create problems. So they must do something about this Runway light. I foresee Light eclipse on the Runway and let us pray so there won’t be any threat in any of our Airports. Let us pray against any attack on the FAAN officials even as there will be changes in the FAAN leadership’’

10 Nigerian Economy : Primate Ayodele was the only man of God that spoke deeply about the economy of Nigeria before all of these started happening. He went as deep as telling Nigerians what the prices of commodities would be and surprisingly, it happened the same way he said it.

‘’It will not be stable in 2023, 2024, Nigeria will be on debts. Some states will be on debts. Some states will not be able to pay the salary of their staffs. Irrespective of who won the election, the economy cannot be better now until 202. However, if we pick a wrong President, things are going to be very expensive. I foresee a bag of rice would be very expensive, two sachets of tomatoe paste would cost #500. Imported rice will be #80,000, #100,000, #120,000. Local rice #50,000 which will increase, vegetable oil price will be increased, palm oil, coke, bread and pure water, a sachet will go for #50 – #100. The essential commodities will attract increases in prices. Cement price will go to #4,800 – #5,000.’’

11 EFCC: The former chairman of the EFCC, Abdulrasheed Bawa’s travail was revealed by Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecies. Before then, Bawa was the star of the anti-corruption agency but Primate Ayodele said he won’t be appreciated. As he revealed, Bawa was sacked, imprisoned before finally gaining freedom; he was embarrassed out of office.

‘’The Anti-Corruption Agency people are doing their best. But the man at the EFCC helms of affairs Bawa will not be appreciated. There are many secrets that they can’t expose, if they do, Nigeria will sink.’’

12 Refineries: for years, Nigeria has been struggling with building refineries but in his 2023 prophecies, Primate Ayodele made it known that the refineries construction would be possible. In fulfillment of his prophecy, Nigeria now has about three refineries with one functioning already and two others in view.

‘’I foresee more refineries will be built in Nigeria.’’

13 Pakistan: Primate Ayodele’s prophetic warnings came to pass in Pakistan following a train accident that killed about 30 people and injured 67. Primate Ayodele who is known for his prophecies on countries around the world had warned in his most recent annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations (2023/2024 edition) that Pakistan will experience some crisis and that the people should pray against disasters like train accidents, flooding and water accidents.

14 Dangote Refinery: The much celebrated Dangote refinery which was expected to kick-off operations in June is yet to start any tangible activity. Despite the celebrations, Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecies made it known that the refinery will not work in the capacity that has been promised. The delayed operation is a fulfillment of the prophet’s words

‘’I don’t see Dangote refinery working at the capacity they have promised. I see some irregularities in Dangote refinery’’

15 VATs: Primate Ayodele noted in his 2023 prophecy that there will be increase in VATs in some sectors. He also spoke about increase in air ticket and petrol prices. All of these have come to pass.

‘’Telecoms VAT will increase, Airport VAT will increase, the government will increase taxes in order to balance the economy but that will not bring the solution. Air ticket fares will increase, aviation fuel prices will increase and petrol prices will increase’’

16 Plane Crash: In 2023, there were several plane crashes in the continent including Nigeria. There was a certain period in the year when plane frequently crash landed, some skid-off the runway. The NAF’s aircraft also crashed, leading to some casualties. These were part of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies.

‘’There will be plane crashes in Africa and even a plane crash in Nigeria. Police and air force must pray against helicopter crashes.’’

17 Increase In Bank Rates: The Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) increased interest rates twice in 2023. This was foretold by Primate Ayodele

‘’Bank rates will increase.’’

18 Mallam Nasir El-Rufai: Primate Ayodele in the category of politicians in the 2023 prophecies stated that he foresees former Kaduna governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai suffering a political robbery. Many didn’t understand this statement until the former governor was embarrassed during the ministerial screening this year. He was nominated by President Tinubu for ministerial position but was rejected by the senate for security concerns.

‘’El-Rufai will suffer political robbery’’

19 G-5 Group: Primate Ayodele warned that the aggrieved governors in the PDP under the umbrella of G-5 will not last. He mentioned that their leader, Nyesom Wike will be shocked politically. To fulfill his prophecy, members of the group have become unpopular politically and Wike is currently struggling to save his political structure after receiving a great shock from the governor of his state, Sim Fubara who has turned the political situation of the state around against the former governor.

‘’The Nyesom Wike Group will not last and Wike will be shocked politically.’’

20 Judiciary: Primate Ayodele foretold some bad happenings in the judiciary system. He foresaw death of some high ranking members and blackmail of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN). All of these came to pass.

‘’ I foresee the death of Judges in the Federal High Court, Appeal Court and the Supreme Court. Nigeria’s Chief Justice will be scandalized and blackmailed.’’

21 Traditional institutions: Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on traditional institutions didn’t go unfulfilled. He spoke about attacks on palace, deaths and accidents.

‘’I foresee attacks on top Emirs’ palaces. I foresee many Yoruba Obas being disgraced. I foresee them being kidnapped, assassinated and their palaces set ablaze. They also need prayers against accidents.’’

22 RELIGIONS: I foresee the death of prominent General Overseers in Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan. I foresee the death of a prominent Islamic Scholar


23 Entertainment Industry: In the entertainment sector, Primate Ayodele’s prophecies thrived well in the course of the year. He foresaw losses and death of some of the prominent entertainers in the country which he warned about before we got into the year. Many of these came to pass.

‘’I foresee entertainers will suffer scandals while some will die likewise politicians. Some of them will face challenges. Kizz Daniel, P-Square, TuFace Idibia, D’Banj and Tiwa Savage; all of them need prayers against serious challenges, losses and satanic influence. Davido too and also, Pasuma, Obesere, Atawewe, Osupa and Muri Thunder they all need God’s guidance against loss of life, accident, loss of money and properties. I foresee divisions in their bands and ranks even as I as there will be controversies on contracts. Nollywood Actresses should pray against scandals. They must pray for unity among themselves and pray against sickness and sudden deaths among the prominent ones.’’

24 Media Houses: Primate Ayodele warned of death in some media houses. He mentioned the death of a popular television presenter and specifically asked some TV stations to pray. Just last week, a prominent newscaster in NTA died and some months back, two popular staffer of AIT kicked the bucket.

‘’I foresee the death of a prominent rapper, prominent comedian and prominent television broadcaster and presenter. TVC, Channels TV, AIT should pray. Arise TV people should pray against the death of any member’’

25 Religious centres: Primate Ayodele warned that there will be attacks in churches and mosques. He also mentioned markets, schools and public places. These have been fulfilled.

‘’I foresee Mosques and Churches being attacked. Security problems will spread to markets, schools and other public places.’’

26 Flooding: Primate Ayodele asked the world to pray against flood that will affect many parts of the world. He warned of volcano, earth tremor and some other natural disasters. These came to pass in different countries across continents.

‘’Let’s pray against nuclear attack and flood in so many parts of the world. There will be a lot of climatic problems that will affect people’s lives. It will cause volcano, earth tremor, landslide, minor accidents, earthquake and flood that will kill people severally’’

27 Coups: Africa especially had about two coups in 2023 and some attempted coups that were not successful. Primate Ayodele warned of this situation in his prophecy.

‘’Some of the World leaders will be attacked or escape assassination even as there will be coup de’tats. I foresee democracy will face crises and there will be fear for democracy because of soldiers in the world. Even the western world will not be safe. These are the things that will come up in 2023.’’

28 Water Shortage: surprisingly, there was water shortage in some countries this year as foretold by Primate Ayodele.

‘’There will be shortage of water in some countries even as there will be drought.’’

29 United Kingdom: United Kingdom’s biggest surprise this year was the plans to cut immigration by bringing up policies to stop the influx of foreigners. Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele revealed it in his 2023 prophecies.

‘’UNITED KINGDOM–UK The spirit of God says we need prayers against terrorist attack and flooding in the United Kingdom. They will change their immigration control Laws.’’

30: Turkey Election: Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecy revealed the fate of Turkey president in the presidential election. He made mention of the fact that the president will be shocked but eventually will win the election. As he said, it wasn’t an easy ride for the president as he didn’t win at the first round.

‘’The president of Turkey will want to go for another term and some will oppose him while some will support him. He will get another term, he should strategize well else the election will shock him if he is not careful. They should pray against flood in the country. He is the best candidate that can handle security threats because there is likelihood of terror attack in the country. I foresee, flood, protests and confusion. Apart from this, the economy will be sloppy.’’

31 Sierra Leone Election: Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecy gave the president advise on how to win the election. These were some of the things that helped him win.

‘’In the coming election, the present government must be careful because the Opposition wants to fight him so he can lose the election. He must unite members of his party. The people will complain about the economy. The country must pray against flood that will kill people and unexpected explosions that can cause disaster. The country should pray against protest.’’

32 Senegal: The country faced so many tensions in 2023. Senegal ran into several crisis that led to the death of citizens. There were a lot of confrontations and political crisis that crippled activities in the country. These were foretold by Primate Ayodele.

‘’SENEGAL: There will be a lot of confrontations, troubles and political crises that the President will face. There will be problems between the Ruling and the Opposition party. The President will want to take some steps that will not make the people to be happy.’’

33 AFRICA AND WORLD AT LARGE : Let us pray against attacks on President convoy. We need to pray not to record the death of an African President and the crash landing of an airplane. Let us pray against fire outbreak in any of the Presidential Villa or a President that will fall sick or undergo surgery or become incapacitated in office

34: Collapsed Bridges: few weeks ago, a bridge collapse in Lagos state after a heavy duty vehicle hit it. this was part of the prophet’s prophecy.

‘’Let’s pray against cases of collapsed bridges in Nigeria, Africa and the whole world’’

35 Train Mishap: Earlier this year, there was a train mishap that led to the death of six people and injury of dozens in Lagos, Nigeria. Some other countries in the world experienced a train mishap in 2023 as Primate Ayodele foretold.

‘’Let us pray against another train attack, train mishap that will kill people and for all the trains not to break down or stop unexpectedly’’

36 Aviation fuel: this has been an issue in the Nigerian aviation sector. As the prophet said, the prices have increased by over 100% compared to the previous year.

‘’There will be scarcity of aviation fuel that will make air fares to be increased.’’

37 Israel must be careful because of crises that will be ravaging its surrounding territories. They want to attack Israel, they will be surrounded by enemies.I foresee SYRIA and IRAN will be monitoring Israel in order to carry out an attack. The Hizbollah terrorists will be planning a daily attack on Israel. Israel must get ready because it’s going to be a tough year in terms of security for them. They will be facing so many attempts and counter attempts. They need to be cautious. The Israelites would protest against the President on so many grounds. The Israeli soldiers will be attacked and there will be fired missiles into Israeli territories. Israel must be cautious because there will be serious problems between Israel and Palestine which they need to be very careful about. Israel must pray against internal problems in the country

38 ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION–EFCC They will do so much on corruption cases that will implicate some politicians which they will be fighting and they will want to fight back. EFCC chairman’s effort will not be appreciated. They will try to do so many things to curb corruption. They must be careful not to miss some targets. Some powerful people will want to frustrate majority of the cases in the EFCC files. They will face various court order that will not favor them and they might want to disobey the court rulings

39 MALI: The spirit of God says there will be too much problems in the country. There will be conspiracy against the Military junta. There will be another round of political problems in Mali. Mali will face international isolation because most of the steps and decisions taken by the government will be against the people. The Military junta needs prayers for them to get out of problems and troubles. Though there will be democracy but they must be careful not to take any step that will begin to truncate the emergence of true democracy in the country. Democracy will come alive in Mali at the end of it all.

40 PDP CHAIRMAN: the PDP national chairman, Iyorchia Ayu was disgraced out of office just as Primate Ayodele mentioned. He was pushed out and didn’t get the result he wanted.

‘’I Foresee that the chairman will go and must be careful not to be disgraced. The people that are giving him confidence will come against him eventually because he will not be able to get the exact result they want.’’

41 APC Chairman: the former chairman, Mohammed Adamu suffered the same fate as PDP’s. He was disgraced out of office and took his leave unceremoniously.

‘’I foresee he will be disgraced and confused out of office. He needs to pray against political robbery. He must be very careful’’

42 NNPP CHAIRMAN: Rabiu Kwakwanso was the former national chairman of the NNPP. He was also expelled from the party for anti-party activities, fulfilled Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

‘’He would not have the strength to confront the various plots against him. I foresee he will be reduced to nothing as strong forces will bring him down. ‘’

43 CUSTOMS AND EXCISE DUTY : I foresee that there will be an increase in the payable excise duties and this will cause problems for the clearing and forwarding Agencies. There will be an additional document that will be added to the existing ones in the handling of cargoes. There will be some new policy frameworks. The operators in the sector will not be very happy because of irregularities and may go on strike and embark on street demonstrations as a mark of protest

44 NIGERIA PORTS AUTHORITY – NPA: I foresee they need to pray to avert an unexpected emergency. The leadership will face corruption charges and must be careful because heads will roll because of corruption allegations. I foresee that certain things will happen that will change the normal course of doing things at the Ports. They should pray against fire disaster.

45 STATE OF ISRAEL: I foresee that in the Gaza Strip there will be serious troubles. This notwithstanding, I foresee that in the Gaza Strip, there will be a kind of bomb blast and fighting between the Israeli and Palestine soldiers. There will be protest in Gaza Strip against the activities of the Israeli security operatives. I foresee that the efforts of all the mediation committees will not yield any reasonable results.

46 Food shortage: We should pray against drought and famine because there will be food shortages in the world.

47 There will be global energy crises. Gas and other sources of energy will create problems.

48 Let us pray against the death of a Professor, Vice Chancellor, a Human Rights Activist, a Prominent Pastor and Imam and other Prominent people.

49 GHANA: I foresee the economy of the country will have issues. The economic downturn will cause a big problem for the standard of living of the people. I foresee there will be Political tension and insecurity problems in Ghana. There will be protests against the President

50 Let us pray against stampede in any Sports Arena. Let us pray against cases of collapsed church buildings.

51 USA: Some of the Banks in the country will have problems because America is facing economy crises. The spirit of God says the America economy will be facing ups and downs

52 Wike’s Political Crisis: Apart from warning the G-5 collectively, Primate Ayodele warned Wike of some of the things he is facing now politically. He warned him to be careful of the crisis he was causing in PDP then, making it known that it will affect his political career.

53 Kogi Election: For Kogi state, Primate Ayodele before the election had revealed that APC will retain the state except oppositions come together to form a coalition. His prophecy on Kogi state was a surprising one as he revealed that the election will be between APC and SDP meanwhile it had always been between APC and PDP. He spoke extensively on this revelation and said APC will win the election but the SDP candidate will be a factor.

54 Imo Election: Primate Ayodele had revealed before the election that opposition parties were not ready to win the state and that APC will retain its position in the state as the ruling party.

The prophet warned severally that Hope Uzodinma isn’t the right person to rule Imo state but the opposition parties through their selfishness will allow him to win the election. The prophet advised them to form a coalition if they wanted to wrestle the state from APC but they declined, leading to the uninterrupted victory of Uzodinma.

Primate Ayodele shared four different times between May and November 2023 how Hope Uzodinma will win the election because opposition parties are not showing signs of seriousness.


55 Chelsea: Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on the performance of Chelsea FC has been coming to pass since the beginning of the year. He said last season that the club is cursed and will need the blessing of the former owners in order to succeed. He said in his 2023 prophecy that the club will not perform well.

56 Supreme Court Rulings: Long before the election was held, Primate Ayodele categorically shared that Peter Obi cannot be president of Nigeria but he was carried away by the noise around his ambition and instead of listening to the prophecies, His followers began to speak ill of the prophet, calling him unprintable names.

The election day came and as foretold by Primate Ayodele, oppositions lost with PDP and Labour Party coming second and third respectively. As usual of Nigeria’s election, the opposition approached the election tribunal to challenge the victory of President Tinubu but lost woefully again.

After the election tribunal loss, Primate Ayodele spoke again and advised PDP and Labour party not to approach the Supreme Court because it will be a total waste of money. He described it as throwing N1 Billion into the fire because it will be a total waste of resources. Infact, he told them to go and prepare for 2027 because nothing will come out of the Supreme Court case.

57 Bayelsa Election: Likewise in Bayelsa, Primate Ayodele shared from onset that the only person that can give APC a good chance at the election is David Lyon. He noted that if Lyon isn’t given the ticket, APC should forget about the election. In subsequent prophecies, he advised APC not to bother because they won’t win. He categorically shared that PDP will win the election. In his final note too, he alerted the incumbent governor of threats to his second term ambition but assured that at the end of the day, he will still emerge.

58 Kelvin McCarthy: The ousted US Speaker, Kelvin McCarthy highly received favor from God, His emergence as the speaker of the United States senate was not without God’s backing. His eventual victory was foretold by Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele and we know that when prophets speak, they speak the mind of God. Through Primate Ayodele, We know God threw his weight behind Kevin McCarthy and this was proven with the circumstances that led to his emergence. McCarthy faced several troubles in his quest to become the speaker of the Senate but it was easy to face because, since 2022, God had spoken through Primate Ayodele that He would face different challenges to become the speaker. However, Primate Ayodele went further days after his emergence that McCarthy would not have it easy in the house. He explained that there will be tension in the United States political atmosphere which may consume McCarthy if he doesn’t restrategize. He stated that McCarthy needs to put things in place or else, he will continue to miss his ambition.

59 US Political Tension: 2023 will always be the a memorable year for the political players in the United States Of America. It was a year when the speaker of the house was removed for the first time in history and the year when electing a new speaker became a serious issue; two different people withdrew their ambition because they could not secure majority votes. Primate Ayodele accurately foretold this.

60 Burkina Faso Coup attempt: Burkina Faso has just experienced a coup attempt which was averted. The military leader, Ibrahim Traore made the announcement this morning and revealed that the perpetrators have been arrested. This is not to sound like promotional content but Primate Ayodele has warned against military coup in Burkina Faso five times between 2022 and 2023, with video evidences to substantiate this claim.

61 Libya Flood: In his prophecy concerning the climatic condition, Primate Ayodele stated that African nations will experience serious climatic issues. Unfortunately, Libya suffered more of it

62 Gabon Coup: On October 7, 2022, Primate Ayodele in a live service at his Lagos Church told Ali Bongo to resign from the government and hand over to someone else because he foresees a crisis in the form of a military coup. The man of God cautioned Bongo from being selfish and holding on to power but sadly, instead of listening, the president went ahead to seek a third term in office and just when he was declared winner, his reign ended abruptly.

63 Obaseki VS Shaibu: Primate Ayodele who was the only prophet in Nigeria that foretold victory of Godwin Obaaseki warned that he foresees a fight between the governor and his deputy. He asked both of them to pray against misunderstanding but probably because everything was smooth between them then, they ignored the prophetic revelation.

64 Wizkid Mother’s Death: In a video shared on his TikTok page in January, Primate Ayodele addressed some celebrities and asked them to pray against a situation that will make people console or sympathize with them.

These were his words. “Psquare, Wizkid, Basketmouth, AY, and Seyi Law. They should commit themselves to the hands of God. There are some signals hovering around them that they should pray about. I am not saying you should come and see me, including Pasuma. All these people should be careful because of the impending danger that will make them cry or be troubled or make them worry or make them mourn or make people sympathize with them.’’

65 Air Force Attack : in the latest edition of his annual prophecy book, Warnings To The Nations (2023/2024), the prophet revealed that there will be attacks and death among the officers. He warned against the crash of a military aircraft and accidental attacks. Tragedy struck the camp of the Nigeria Air Force on Monday, 14th Of August when bandits in Niger state shut down an aircraft conveying officers.

66 Ecuador Presidential Candidate Murders: Ecuador was thrown into a confused state earlier today following the gruesome murder of a leading presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio who was shot dead at his campaign ground. Meanwhile, Primate Elijah Ayodele revealed in his annual prophecy book, Warnings To The Nations (2022/2023 edition) that he foresees Ecuador swimming in political tension among other prophecies for the country.

67 Pakistan: Primate Ayodele had warned in his most recent annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations (2023/2024 edition) that Pakistan will experience some crisis and that the people should pray against disasters like train accidents, flooding, and water accidents. To fulfill this prophetic warning in Pakistan, Hazara Express train derailed near Nawabshah in the southern Sindh province of Pakistan on Sunday. It was headed from Karachi to Havelian.

68 Tunisia: One of his latest fulfilled prophecies is the sack of Tunisia’s Prime Minister, Najla Bouden on Tuesday. The prime minister was sacked due to economic woes faced in the country. Primate Ayodele on July 22 released a prophecy on his facebook page warning all female prime ministers in Africa to be careful against being sacked.

69 Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, there has been clamour for the prime minister to resign. The people have taken to the streets to express their grievances and to further push their wish for the prime minister to resign from his position. Primate Ayodele in his prophecy book said that he foresees the people of Bangladesh calling for a new government.

70 Niger Republic: Two weeks before the coup, Primate Ayodele sent a warning to African leaders about an impending coup he foresees unless they address it and do the right thing. The man of God made the warning in a video that was shared on his TikTok account but it was ignored, hence, the event of a coup.

71 Max Air Crash: In the aviation sector of Nigeria, Primate Ayodele mentioned some leading airlines and uncovered what will befall them in the coming days and how they can avert the dangers. For Max Air, Primate Ayodele warned the airline to be careful as he foresees problems ahead of them. He predicted an expansion for the company but sternly warned the management to be careful against disappointing their customers.

72 Amazon: Amazon workers planned a strike at a UK warehouse, a Reuters report states. The three-day long strike will begin on July 11 and end on July 13 and will be staged over a pay dispute. Around 900 Amazon workers at UK’s Coventry warehouse participated in the reported strike. According to Reuters, the strike will be staged for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening on July 11, July 12 and July 13. In a video posted on his tiktok account, Primate Ayodele stated that Amazon will have crisis and that the company is ‘shaking’.

73 ISIS: The United States claims it has killed an Isis leader, Usamah al-Muhajir, in a drone strike in eastern Syria. In a statement, U.S. Central Command, which is responsible for protecting America’s interests in the Middle East, said it carried out the strike on Friday using MQ-9 drones.

This development has fulfilled the prophecy of Primate Ayodele which he shared in a prophecy. The prophet made it known that top leaders of the terrorist group and shortly after that, Abu Ibrahim was killed by the United States of America. Again, the prophecy has been fulfilled with the death of another leader of ISIS.

74 Thread: The drama that ensued from the emergence of ‘Thread’ has fulfilled the prophecy of Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele who categorically mentioned in October 2022 that he foresees a rival platform to Twitter coming up.

He made this prophecy during a live service in his church and stated that the rival application will be a serious competition for Twitter.

75 France Crisis: Barely two days after the official unveiling of his annual prophecy book ‘Warnings To The Nations’, Primate Ayodele was in the news again for the fulfillment of one of the major prophecies contained in the book.

The prophecy fulfillment is about the crisis that happene in France which led to serious unrest and protests in the country. France has been rocked by a wave of protests following the death of Nahel, a 17-year-old of Algerian descent who was shot by a police officer in Nanterre earlier in the week and whose funeral took place on Saturday at a mosque in the Paris suburb amid a heavy security presence.

76 FCMB founder’s death: Primate Ayodele gave a hint regarding tthe death of FCMB Founder, Otunba Subomi Balogun who died this year in a London hospital at age 89. Primate Ayodele in his 2022/2023 Warnings to the nations categorically asks the management of FCMB to pray against the death of Otunba Subomi Balogun. He mentioned this statement alongside other warnings to the bank.

77 Plateau Killings: Plateau State has been under gross attack by suspected herdsmen this year and about 150 people have been killed in several communities. Many residents of the state have been displaced as a result of the incessant attacks going on in the state. Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele spelled it out in his annual prophecy book that the state will come under heavy attack while asking them to pray against ethnic crises. He also mentioned that farmers will be killed and that the state will battle seriously with security challenges. It should be noted that these words were said when nothing was pointing to the present development, it was a result of divine signals.

78 U-17 AFCON: This year, Senegal won the U-17 African Cup of Nations cup after defeating Morocco in the final match. Long before then, Primate Ayodele in a video shared on his TikTok account had revealed the two teams to play in the final. He also made it known that Senegal is the team to lift the cup.

79 Mali: Three years after Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on the Coup in Mali came to pass, his subsequent prophecies about the nation have continued to be fulfilled. Primate Ayodele was the only prophet who warned against a military take-over of the democratic government of Mali in his prophecy for 2020. The coup happened in May 2021, a few months after the man of God released warned against it.

Again, the man of God in his usual manner of churning out prophecies warned the Military Junta in Mali against gang-up and conspiracy. This is contained in his prophecies for 2023 which he released for public consumption on Friday, 23rd Of December, 2022. As he warned, the chief of staff of the head of Mali’s junta has been killed, alongside three others, during an attack in an area known for extremist insurgents according to a document from the country’s presidency.

80 Sudan: The crisis going on in Sudan that has led to the death of several people was well foretold by Primate Ayodele. He mentioned it thrice and warned world leaders to work against war or coup situations in the country. His warnings have been fulfilled in Sudan because world leaders didn’t listen to him when he warned.

81 Totthenham: Another prophecy of the man of God we will be looking at is the sack of Tottenham Coach, Cristian Stellini. Primate Ayodele had said in a video shared on his social media page that some premier league clubs will sack their coaches. He mentioned this before the season began and categorically mentioned Totthenham as part of the clubs that will sack their coaches. In fulfilment of his prophecy, the Tottenham coach has been sacked.

82 Building Collapse: Lagos state has recorded two cases of collapsed buildings, Abuja recorded one and Oyo recorded one too in the last two weeks. Some lives were lost as a result of this unfortunate building collapse. Primate Ayodele in his prophecies for 2023 which was released on Friday, 23rd Of December, 2022 revealed that the nation will have to battle with building collapse in the course of the year. This has also been fulfilled.

83 Death Of Former Governor: Primate Ayodele in a video shared on his social media page made it known that he saw in a vision the death of former governors, former vice president, former first lady and some political leaders in the country. This happened at different times this year.

84 NAHCO Strike: Yesterday, aviation workers went on strike, grounding activities at the Muritala international airport. Primate Ayodele in his annual prophecy book titled Warnings to the nation 2022/2023 edition revealed that airport workers will go on strike in the country. This can be found on page 62 of the prophecy book and these were his words ‘’ Some airport workers will go on strike including some airline staffs’’.

85 Death Of LGA Chairman: It was a sad mood when unknown gunmen beheaded the local government chairman of ideata north after kidnapping him. Primate Ayodele still in Warnings To The Nations 2022/2023 edition forewarned this. On Page 22, the man of God categorically mentioned that they should pray against kidnapping of a local government chairman and attacks. These were his words ‘These local governments must be careful Unuiomo, Oru west, Orlu, Ohaji/Egbema, Obowo, Nwangele, Njaba, Ngor Okpala, Isiala mbano, Ihitte/Uboma, Ideato South, Ezinihitte, Ehime Mbano, Ahiazu Mbaise and Aboh Mbaise against kidnappings of any Local Government Chairman and against attacks’’. Sadly, it came to pass.

86 US Shootings: It’s definitely not a pleasant moment for the citizens of the United states of America as mass shootings have been taking place since the year began. They recorded several casualties as a result of this. Primate Ayodele in a video uploaded on his social media page towards the end of last year mentioned some countries including the USA that should be careful of shooting in the new year.

87 Somalia: There was a bomb attack at a government office in Somalia this year that led to the death of some civilians. Primate Ayodele had warned in his prophecy book long ago that he foresees an attack in Somalia by terrorists. On page235 of Warnings to the nations, he mentioned that the government should work against the attack.

89 Mozambique: Another is the flooding crisis in Mozambique that killed nothing less than 117 people. Primate Ayodele had warned in a video during a live session that he foresees serious flooding in some parts of Africa. We all know February isn’t the season for so much rain and it’s almost impossible for flooding to take place in February but Primate Ayodele foresaw this and warned the African continent.

90 Turkey Earthquake: The death toll from a strong earthquake in south-eastern Turkey, near the Syrian border exceeded 2,300 people across both countries. This deadly earthquake however, has fulfilled the prophecy of Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele who warned the world in his 2023 prophecies which were released on Friday, 23rd of December, 2023.

The prophet in his 78-page 2023 prophecies for the world revealed that there will be deadly natural disasters that will claim the lives of many people in the world. He mentioned disasters like volcano, earth tremor, landslide, minor accidents, earthquake and others.

91 Syria Earthquake: the country suffered the same fate as Turkey. As the prophecy was fulfilled in Turkey, it was the same way it happened in Syria.

92 Nnamdi Kanu: Primate Ayodele had said this year that it will be difficult for the government to released Nnamdi Kanu. He made it known that there will be back and forth but the government will not release him. Just last week, the supreme court denied him bail and declared that he should be put on trial.

93 PDP Abia Candidate’s Death: Before this unfortunate incident happened, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele had accurately foretold it but many didn’t know it would happen so soon in Abia state.

Primate Ayodele who is known for his prophetic revelations on outcome of elections spoke about the Abia state gubernatorial election and stated that the PDP in the state will be in DISARRAY because the candidate will not be able to make any impact in the election.

The man of God further buttressed when he mentioned in some online publications that he foresees the death of some of the governorship, house of representative and senatorial candidates they will be voting for in the election. Unfortunately, the governorship candidate of PDP in Abia, Uche Ikonne passed on.

94 Resignation of New Zealand Prime Minister: The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden resigned her position earlier this morning. This is in fulfillment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy in his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations where he revealed that such an event will occur.

95 Iraq Stampede: An unfortunate stampede that led to the death of one took place in Iraq stadium yesterday. Primate Ayodele in his annual prophecy book for 2022/2023 warned the world to pray against stampedes in any stadium around the world. This has fulfilled the prophet’s prophecy.

96 Explosion on rally ground: there was an explosion at the APC rally ground in portharcourt this year that led to the injury of three people. It was a twin explosion that scattered the campaign ground. Primate Ayodele once warned candidates to be prayerful as they will be doing their campaign as he foresees incidents like this happening.

97 Increase in fuel price: news reports this morning have it that the federal government of Nigeria has quietly increased the price of petrol by N10 and many petrol stations have adjusted their prices to reflect the new price added by the federal government. Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecies stated that there will be an increase in petrol price. This development has fulfilled his prophecy.

98 Death Of Gambia Vice President: Gambia has been thrown into mourning following the death of the country’s vice president, Badara Alieu Joof earlier this year

The president, Adama Barrow made the announcement on social media that his vice president has passed away after a brief illness in India.

This unfortunate incident has fulfilled the 2023 prophecy of Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele to the nation of Gambia. Primate Ayodele who is known for his new year prophecies to nations around the world warned the people of Gambia to pray against any form of sadness or weeping or mourning in the country as they enter a new year.

99 Benin Republic: The results of the parliamentary election that held in Benin Republic fulfils the prophecy of Primate Ayodele. The outcome of the election shows the strength of the oppositions in the country, which was not expected. The man of God in his prophecy revealed that the opposition will make waves in the election because the people will show their displeasure in the president with votes.

100 Pope Emeritus Benedict : The Catholic movement was met with a sad news earlier this year following the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. This is in fulfilment of the prophecy of Primate Elijah Ayodele which he released on Thursday 29th Of December, 2022. Primate Ayodele had categorically stated that the Catholic movement will lose the former pope to death.

101 Gambia Coup Attempt: The Gambian government says it has foiled a military coup attempt and arrested four soldiers allegedly plotting to overthrow President Adama Barrow’s administration.

This is in fulfillment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy which he issued some months ago in a video shared on his church’s social media page.

In the video, Primate Ayodele warned Adama Barrow of some steps he is taking which he said will lead to serious troubles in the country and that a military intervention may take place if care isn’t taken.

102 Egypt Election: Egypt held a presidential election with the incumbent president, El-Sisi becoming victorious. Primate Ayodele had said earlier before now than Sisi will have a third term but he will face economic crisis. His victory has fulfilled Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

103: Former Governor’s Death: In the course of this year, we had deaths of some former governors in Nigeria. This were in accordance to Primate Ayodele’s prophecies.

104: Investors Exit: Primate Ayodele in a video shared on his tiktok page made it known that he foresees investors leaving Nigeria this year. In fulfillment of his prophecy, several companies have announced their exit from the country due to economic hardship.

105 Retrenchment in government: Primate Ayodele earlier this year revealed that he foresees people losing their jobs at the government level. He revealed that there will be retrenchment of civil servants and government officials. Some days ago, there was massive overhaul of the aviation sector’s officials. Almost every high ranking official in the sector was sacked.

106 Abduction In Abuja: Primate Ayodele warned about insecurity in Abuja and made it known that there will be kidnap, killings, terrorist attacks in the federal capital territory. As he said, there was insecurity concern in Abuja this year. Few days ago, a full music band was kidnapped in FCT with N10 million ransoms being requested for.

107 Argentina Economy: Primate Ayodele disclosed that he foresees that the Argentina economy will slump. He advised the government to revive the economy urgently to prevent it from collapsing. The prophecy came to pass and the government had to plan an emergency reform to save the economy.

108 Multichoice Prices: In 2023, Multichoice changed the prices of Gotv, DSTV subscriptions twice. Primate Ayodele stated earlier this year that the company will run into crisis and will increase the prices of their subscription. This didn’t happen just one, it happened twice.

109 Venezuela: Primate Ayodele warned of political crisis in Venezuela. He stated that there will be attempt to create political, economic problems in the country. As the prophet said, the country ran into huge crisis this year.

110 Sunshine players attack: footballers representing Sunshine stars escaped death few weeks ago when gunmen attacked their bus. Primate Ayodele had warned the NPFL to pray against accidents and attacks.

111 University kidnap: Primate Ayodele warned the government to secure Nigerian schools to prevent any form of attack. Unfortunately, there was inadequate security and this led to the kidnap of 10 students of Federal University of Lafia.

112 Death Of Writer: Primate Ayodele asked the world to pray not to lose a notable noble writer. Benjamin Zaphaniah, a writer and poet died during the year.

113 Death Of Footballer On Field: Primate Ayodele asked the world to pray against death of a footballer on the field. Earlier this month, Sodiq Adebisi, a footballer, died during training on the field.

114 Tanzania landslide: There was a landslide in Tanzania that killed dozens of citizens. Earlier this year, Primate Ayodele called on the country to watch against an unfortunate happening like this.

115 India Riot: the country was brought under darkness in the course of the year when a riot occurred. It was an ethnicity riot that led to the death of several people. Primate Ayodele had warned that he foresees a moment of darkness and crisis in the country.

116 Tanker explosion: In a video interview session, Primate Ayodele warned of an impending tanker explosion. The prophecy came to pass when a serious tanker explosion rocked Ojota, Lagos some months back.

117 Nigerian Military: Some months back, Primate Ayodele revealed that the Nigerian military will perform well in the coming months. He stated that there will be so much progress in taming terrorism. As he said it, the military have been able to contain terrorism to some extent this year; Boko Haram has gone into extinction and ISWAP leaders were arrested.

118 NTA fire outbreak: Primate Ayodele warned NTA to be prayerful against fire outbreak in any of their stations. This was fulfilled some weeks ago when one of the company’s station caught fire, destroying properties worth millions of naira.

119 Traditional ruler death: Primate Ayodele warned against the death of our traditional rulers earlier this year. He warned of dethronement also. Some traditional rulers were involved in fatal accident in the year and lost their lives.

120 Cholera outbreak: Primate Ayodele warned of Cholera outbreak in some African countries that will be killing children. In fulfillment, there was Cholera outbtreak in Ethopia that displaced thousands of children and took the lives of some.

121 MC Oluomo: Primate Ayodele foretold a glorious future for NURTW boss, MC Oluomo in the year. He also warned some of his oppositions in the transport sector. MC Oluomo was later re-elected as the NURTW chairman.

122 Rishi Sunak: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was under investigation over allegations of a possible failure to declare the shares his wife holds in a childcare agency that was a beneficiary of a recent budget. Primate Ayodele, who prophesied the mysterious emergence of Rishi Sunak as the PM of the United Kingdom had shared during a live service in his church that there will be attempts against the PM. He went further by saying his wife will be a major instrument of attack against him.

123 Liberia Election: There were several prophecies before the elections that foretold victory for President George Weah especially from prophets in the country. The president, being a pastor too, never envisaged that the opposition would become a strong obstacle against his ambition to rule the country for another six years. Many religious leaders assured him that he was going to win the election except popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Ayodele who warned him eight times to be careful of the opposition’s plans to unseat him. As Primate Ayodele said, George Weah lost the election unceremoniously.

124 Godwin Emefiele: in April during an interview session captured in a video, Primate Ayodele was heard saying Godwin Emefiele will be faced with so many troubles as he foresaw his arrest. He also made it known that the CBN governor will be embarrassed unless he seeks the face of God. Just like he prophecies, Godwin Emefiele has been suspended and not only that, was arrested and imprisoned.

125 Sierra Leone Military base attack: Among the most recent prophetic warnings that came to pass is the sudden attack on the main and largest military barracks and prison in Sierra Leone, raising fears of a breakdown of order amid a surge of coups in the region. Primate Ayodele had foretold this exact situation in his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations (2023/2024) edition which was released in July 2023. He categorically mentioned that there will be an attack on the military in Sierra Leone.

126 Rotimi Akeredolu: The governor of Ondo state, Rotimi Akeredolu has been battling with health challenges for some time now. This is in fulfillment of the prophecy of Primate Elijah Ayodele which he noted in his annual book of prophecy titled ‘Warnings To The Nations’ released in July 2022. Primate Ayodele in the 2022/2023 edition of the prophecy book asked Nigerians to pray against ailment among sitting governors in the country. He warned that he foresees a sitting governor falling ill while in office

127: Ghana Dam: Primate Ayodele said he saw dam causing problems in Africa. The dam in Ghana truly fulfilled this prophecy. Hundreds of people were displaced due to the overflow of the dam.

128 Water Accident: Primate Ayodele warned some months ago that he foresees deadly accidents that will claim lives in November. True to his word, November was a black month for Nigerians as there was a high record of road accidents.

129 US Plane crash: Primate Ayodele mentioned that there will be a plane crash which could be a war plane or American plane. Just as he said, a US military aircraft crashed in Japan.

130 South Africa mine : Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees killings and mine accident in South Africa before December. As he said, there was a mine accident that happened in November, leading to the death of 11 people.

131 Cholera In Zimbabwe: Cholera was a thing in Zimbabwe this year. There was a dangerous outbreak of the disease. Just like Ethopia, Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on the country came to pass

132 Zimbabwe election: As usual in his practices, Primate Ayodele started talking about the presidential election of Zimbabwe this year in January 2023 in several publications that went viral in the Southern African country. In a video that was shared on his social media page, Primate Ayodele categorically stated that as long as President Emmerson Mnangagwa is alive, He will win the election.

133 Congo stampede : A deadly stampede leading to the death of 31 people happened in Congo some recently. Primate Ayodele warned about this and even gave a time frame.

134 Governors Convoy attack: Primate Ayodele warned that he foresees attack on a governor’s convoy in Nigeria. The governor of Yobe, Mai Mala Buni’s convoy was attacked by boko haram terrorists in 2023.

135 China : In his annual prophecy book, Primate Ayodele noted that China would make peace with some countries and form ties globally. In fulfillment, the President of China held talks with the US president in a bid to stabilize their ties.

136 Building collapse: Primate Ayodele warned some states in Nigeria to pray against building collapse. Some months ago, a two storey-building collapsed in Lagos and killed an octogenarian.

137 Madagascar Election: Before the election held, Primate Ayodele had maintained that the incumbent president would retain his seat. When the election results were announced, it happened as the man of God said

138 Baba Aladura’s death: Primate Ayodele had said a prominent Baba Aladura will die. He added that the country will lose a prominent man of God. This was fulfilled with the death of C&S leader who died last month.

139 Gunmen attack in Cameroon: Primate Ayodele called on Cameroonians to pray so they won’t experience bloodbath. Some months ago, gunmen attacked the country and killed scores.

140 Train Accident in India: When the man of God warned of a moment of darkness in India, he mentioned a train accident in the country alongside. In southern india, there was a train collision that killed 10 people.

141 Boat capsize : Nigeria experienced unfortunate boat accidents in the year. This fulfils the prophecy of Primate Ayodele in 2023. He warned Nigerians to pray against an occurrence that has to do with boat capsize.

142 Death of former Chinese prime minister : Just seven days after Primate Ayodele warned the world about the imminent death of a one-time head of state, the former prime minister of China, Li Keqiang died

143 Kenya economy : The economy of the east African country has been nothing to be proud of. Primate Ayodele who foretold the victory of President Ruto in the election revealed in his 2023 prophecy that Kenya will not find it easy economically.

144 MTN: In his prophecy for telecommunication, Primate Ayodele stated that MTN will face crisis in the year. To fulfill this, the telecommunication giant was ordered by the court to pay $72.5 Million in taxes.

145 Guinea Bissau Crisis: Military vehicles were on the streets on Friday morning as residents commuted to work and school. Gunshots could still be heard but were less frequent than during the night. Another reporter heard gunshots not far from the presidential palace.aaaaaaaa

The gunfire was between soldiers in the Guard and special forces.

This development has fulfilled the prophecy of Nigeria prophet, Primate Ayodele which he shared concerning the country sometime in October.

He shared then that there will be a tough moment as he sees danger in the country. He stated that the country will be unstable and there is need to be watchful against another coup.

146 Mali Election: The presidential election planned for February in the military-ruled West African state of Mali has to be postponed “for technical reasons”, the transitional government announced. This is another fulfillment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy which he shared in a popular newspaper.

147 Morocco Earthquake: That Morocco’s devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake which struck the country some months ago claimed over 2,000 lives — making it the deadliest the country has seen in decades. Sadly, this incident has confirmed the prophecy of popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele which he shared in his 2023 prophecies which were released on Friday, 23rd Of December, 2022.

‘’ Let’s pray against nuclear attacks and serious flooding in so many parts of the world. There will be a lot of climatic problems that will affect lives. Climate change will cause volcanic eruptions, earth tremor, landslide, major accidents and earthquakes.’’

148 Donald Trump: Even though Primate Ayodele was among the few clerics who prophesied the surprising emergence of Donald Trump as the President Of The United States Of America (USA) some years back, He was still the major prophet who foretold his unfortunate loss at the last presidential election that produced Joe Biden.

For years, Primate Ayodele has been speaking about former President Donald Trump; His emergence as the president, how his administration will be perceived by the people, how he was going to lose the presidential seat, and what will become of him after his exit from the presidential seat.

It is very rare for former presidents especially in the USA to face serious legal issues that could lead them to jail or get them arrested and this made the prophecy of Primate Ayodele about Donald Trump to be incredible.

149 Libya Crisis: Clashes between rival militias in Libya’s capital killed at least 51 people and left residents trapped in their homes Tuesday, unable to escape the violence, medical authorities said. This incident has fulfilled the prophecy of Nigerian Prophet, Primate Ayodele who sent warnings to the country in his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations. In the 2022/2023 edition, the prophet revealed that he foresees political tension and leadership tussle in the country. He explained that there will be troubles in the country and a complex situation will arise.

150 Murder Of Ecuador Presidential Candidate: Ecuador was thrown into a confused state earlier today following the gruesome murder of a leading presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio who was shot dead at his campaign ground this year. Meanwhile, a Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele revealed in his annual prophecy book, Warnings To The Nations (2022/2023 edition) that he foresees Ecuador swimming in political tension among other prophecies for the country.

The prophet stated in 2022 that there will be so many conflicts in the country and the nation will be rocked with different attacks. It was also in this edition that the prophet revealed that the president, Guillermo Lasso will face a vote of no confidence as people will call for his resignation.


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