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President Buhari Urged To Investigate Companies Sold By AMCON




The number of voices which have called for an investigation into companies sold by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), under the leadership of its former board has increased by one.

The latest call to President Muhammadu Buhari was made by a lecturer, Social Crusader and Public Commentator Ola Aroluke.

In an open letter published in The Nation of Friday, September 22 titled “AN OPEN LETTER AND A WARNING SIGNAL TO PRESIDENT BUHARI ON THE PEOPLE SURROUNDING HIM AND HIS WIFE” Aroluke urged the President to look into assets sold by AMCON.

According to Aroluke, huge frauds were committed in AMCON by people he tagged “Wild Tigers”. Emphasizing his point, Aroluke said “Your Excellency, you will weep if you know the huge fraud these people committed against the Nation in AMCON.” He said further that “some assets wer

Mustaha Chike-Obi

Mustafa Chike-Obi

e sold as peanuts to friends and cronies.”


Aroluke however did not stop at, as he urged the new board of AMCON to check the value of cash the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), pumped into the companies sold by AMCON, their true value and how much they were sold concluding that the fraud level is mindboggling.


One of the companies sold by the former board of AMCON led by Mustaha Chike-Obi is Enterprise Bank Plc. Enterprise Bank Plc was sold to Heritage Bank in manner which Industry Watchers tagged mindboggling.

Mainstreet Bank was also sold to Skye Bank Plc, while Delta Steel Company was also sold by the Chike-Obi-led board.

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