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Nivea Deodorant Advert Slammed



An advert for one of Nivea’s most popular products has been described as racist by Facebook users.

The advert shows a woman with black hair and her face away the camera, along with the words: ‘White is purity’ written in blue capital letters.

The official Nivea page has been liked by 19 million people and often shares advert campaigns.

Blasted online as ‘a problematic slogan by a prominent high street name’, the picture has been pulled from their Facebook page.

The company wrote ‘Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don’t let anything ruin it’ alongside the image.

It was meant to be advertising the ‘Invisible’ brand of deodorant where the bottle is half black and half white.

However, despite the image being taken down by the company, it was up for the entire weekend and became popular among some alt-Right groups.

The comment section had several right wing ‘memes’ included while one user wrote ‘I think I will start buying high end Nivea products.’

Another wrote ‘Mark my words, Nivea is about to get real popular real quick’.

Another outraged user wrote ‘Are the comments meant to be like funny? I genuinely can’t tell what’s jokes and what’s rampant Nazism? Maybe I’m not edgy enough to get the humour.’

The post was only removed after inquired about the reasons behind the post.

Nivea did not provide comment when approached.

Nivea is more than a hundred years old and is based in Germany. With the parent group, Beiersdorf’s revenue of more than 6,000 million euros, it is one of the largest companies in the industry.
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