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Mob Attack On Diamond Bank Apapa Led To Burning Of Sterling Bank-Witness




The burning of a Diamond Bank branch located at Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos State by tanker drivers following the killing of one of their own by policemen attached to the bank didn’t happen in isolation.

According to those who witnessed the incident, the destruction of the Diamond Bank branch also led to the burning of a Sterling Bank beside it.

According to the Twitter handle ‘Omega Male @Ifedoh’, trouble started at the Diamond Bank branch when a driver who was trying to maneuverer his truck blocked the entrance of the financial institution.

Overzealous policemen attached to the bank angrily confronted the driver seeking to know what was happening and within minutes all hell was let loose.

An ensuing shootout led to the death of at least three persons. In retaliation, the tanker drivers went on a destruction spree, hence the Sterling Bank was also burnt.

Presently, the question of who takes responsibility is being asked, as observers wonder if Diamond Bank would be responsible for the Sterling Bank which was razed.

The question becomes important knowing that the crisis started at a Diamond Bank, but also led to the burning of the Sterling Bank.

In a Press Release sent to us, Diamond Bank’s Head of Corporate Communications, Chioma Afe, confirmed that the bank was set ablaze by an angry mob after a policeman allegedly shot dead a trailer driver outside the bank premises.

According to Afe, “We had a fire incident at our branch office on Creek Road, Apapa which severely damaged branch infrastructure as a result of mob action. While the situation is under control, we are working with the Nigeria Police Force and other law enforcement agencies to investigate actions leading to the fire incident.”














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