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Bukola Saraki: Sacrificing The “Standout Man”



Bukola Saraki



In politically challenging times, there is always a standout man, a person who is diligent in his work, a man who subsequently stands before Kings, having made several sacrifices for his nation.


In most cases, many do not agree with him. He is seen and described as ambitious, greedy, a tool in the hand of the usurpers or even worse an instrument for a dirty or hatchet job.


However, in most cases such men endure the trying times, the name calling and insults to become a national symbol of peace and unity.


This appears the path that former Kwara State Governor, Senator Bukola Saraki, has placed or rather found himself in in recent years, having been elected by his people to govern and subsequently represent them in the Senate.


Without meaning to be a man of the people deliberately, Saraki by fate has emerged a leader worthy of emulation in many ways, some of which we will touch as we go on.


As it is known, politic is considered by many a dirty game. However, one fact remains that the player determines how dirty it can be, how dirty he is ready to go for the sake of his people, his brothers, sisters, the masses and even the electorates.


The amount of dirt with which he is willing to be pelted with for the sake of his people will determine the kind of bad names which he is called. This apparently is the case of Senator Saraki. Many will recall the politics that played out when Saraki was elected Senate President.

The hue and cry by politically motivated noisemakers was endless and deafening, the question of how did Senator Ike Ekweremadu, a People Democratic Party (PDP) man emerge Deputy Senate President was the issue of deliberation for months.

However, those who saw the whole picture preferred to ask questions such as “Why are people hell bent on denying Senator Saraki the Senate Presidency which he was duly elected to, why are people more concerned about individual interests when they should look at the greater interest of the country ”


In finding an answer to these questions, many soon realized that the urge to take control of the Senate for selfish reasons was the bigger picture being sought by foot soldiers under the directive of behind the scene workers and godfathers. This is what Senator Saraki has refused, as any patriot would do, hence the bad names he has been called in recent times.


However, as stated in the early part of this write-up, no person who is bent on becoming a standout man would be deterred by this false cries, witch hunt or drama-filled prosecution. And so, Senator Saraki moves on with his work in moving the country forward to a greater height.


Those who know Senator Saraki well enough will attest to his softness and kind heartedness. Power is intoxicating and those who hold on to it hardly want to let go, but many would remember how Senator Saraki practically fought his sibling Gbemisola to ensure that power not only changed hands in Kwara State, but that someone else outside his family held the mantle of leadership.

It was also Senator Saraki who first initiated a donation campaign by Senators to Boko Haram victims living in the IDP camps. His heartfelt message to the families of the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke is also touching, and tells a lot about the real man in Senator Saraki


While the tribulations might persist for a while, Senator Saraki will eventually become Nigeria’s standout man the likes of retired Army Special Operations Officer Wayne Long, Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically leader elected in what is now know as the democratic republic of Congo, Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko, regarded as an icon in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

However, one question which begs for answer is must we always throw away the baby and the bath water, must we sacrifice the standout man focused in ensuring that the Senate is not used for individual’s whims and caprices because of power play, must we always ruin the nice guy who has plan for a better tomorrow?.

These questions are some of the many which posterity will ask naysayers of Senator Saraki who continues to stand tall and will continue to do so for a very long time.


By Lukmon Akintola 08035688268,

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