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Binta’s Diary





Binta’s eyes roamed around, checking out the new apartment, she dropped her bags and changed her clothes to more comfortable ones. As she arranged the apartment, fleshing out the plain room and adding little bits of her to it, her eyes fell on a dog eared book poking out of a couch she had moved, she pulled it out and saw it had Clara written on it, curious to know what is in it, she flipped through the pages and her eyes caught the first line “My name is Clara Okoro”.

“Who is Clara Okoro”? She mumbled, like the cat she was curious and wanted to get more details, she opened the book again and moved back blindly until she felt the edge of the chair and sunk into it.

My name is Clara Okoro, I am 28 years old, a fair Igbo lady from Imo state in Nigeria, my tiny stature made me look a fragile vase which would break at any slight mistake.

I dropped out of University of Nigeria (UNN), to be a caterer, sounds foolish but cooking and baking have always been my passion, it relieves stress, makes me happy and when I bake or cook I find myself in another world; so I decided to ditch school and go into catering fully.

I am a sickle cell patient, there I said it. Three major things were inserted into my life; Sickness, Pain and Medicine. I am the third and last child and unluckily for me the only one with this curse. My older brothers luckily escaped.


I can vividly remember when I was five years old and asked my parents why I was home schooled and couldn’t go to a normal school like my neighbors, why I couldn’t play with my cousins for long hours, why I drink water too much, why I fell sick and had to take bitter medicines all the time; Dad said “you are different” Mom told me” you have a weak body”.

The world was shut against me during my childhood days, I was always indoors, and everyone treated me like an egg, it was frightening to live life, expecting to die the next minute or to wake up with pains.
I started going to a normal school in high school; school was a place of freedom, where no eyes were watching and would restrain me from being myself. My nickname in school was “The broom stick” because of my stature, the name didn’t faze me. I was the most agile person in school, although I could count the number of times I was present in school against the times illness held me captive at home.

It was when I got to high school, my questions were answered. Mom and Dad have the same genotype which made them give birth to a Sickle cell child; they are literate people, I still don’t understand why they got married despite the flaw. At first, I was furious with my parents, they caused it, days and weeks would roll by without me talking to them, sometimes I will give them cold treatment. Then I thought they were selfish but after some years I got over it.

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In SS3, I was seriously ill. Everyone thought I would die, I couldn’t write my final paper. As I laid on the bed, spams of excruciating pain rocked my body, my joints and muscle aching, I was just waiting for the pain to pass away like how it had been. My room was decorated with get well soon cards and flowers. I watched as my family doctor whispered some words to my mom who was sitting close to my bed, she thanked him and stood up to walk him to the door.

Then I wanted to hate her for giving birth to me, for making me like this but what could I do? This is my fate and I have been forced to accept it.


I was so scared, I still wanted to have a boyfriend, know how it felt like to be kissed, I still wanted to wear a wedding gown with tiny sliver stones on it, I wanted to have babies. Different thoughts ran through my mind, then there on my sick bed, I vowed to live life to the fullest if I survive, try different things, maybe skip medication sometimes (besides, the doctor said, I won’t live up to age 18, so what’s the use of effectively taking drugs), I won’t be cooped up, hidden from the world and waiting for death to embrace me.

Binta’s phone rang, she dropped the book and went into the kitchen to pick the call.


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Why I Lost To Anthony Joshua–Ruiz Jr.



Andy Ruiz Jr. has revealed what cost him the rematch against Anthony Joshua on Saturday, December 7.

Joshua and Ruiz Jnr. slogged it out in Saudi Arabia to confirm the holder of the heavyweight title won by Ruiz Jr from Joshua months earlier.

Speaking at the post match conference, Ruiz Jr. blamed months of partying and celebration leading to overweight, adding thst undertraining also made him lose the match to Joshua.

 “Three months of partying and celebrating affected me, what can I say?

“Being overweight, I wasn’t fluid enough, I wasn’t moving the way I wanted to move.

“I think if I’m lighter I’m going to let my hands go and be a completely different fighter.”

When asked what he would have done differently if granted a rematch against Anthony Joshua, he said;

 “Listen to my coach. Listen to my dad. And take it more seriously.

“I’m OK, I’m just a little disappointed. I should have listened to them.

“I tried to do the training on my own. I should have listened to them more.

“There’s no excuses…the partying and all that stuff got the best of me.

“For being out of shape I did pretty good, I took all his shots.”

Ruiz recognized that he lost a wide decision to Joshua but said he holds a victory too. He said the scores are tied with one win apiece and he wants a trilogy bout.

 “I know for the third one I’m going to be a lot better.”

He added: “There’s a lot of responsibility being a champion of the world. I think the partying and all that stuff got the best of me. Next time it’ll be a lot better.”

With the victory, British-Nigerian Joshua regains his IBF, WBA and WBO titles.

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The bout which lasted until 12 rounds was scored 118-110, 118-110 and 119-109 by the judges.

Speaking on his victory, Joshua said:  “I wanted to put on a boxing masterclass.”

“First of all, thanks to God. The first time was so nice, I had to do it twice,” he said. 

“I knew I could win this. This is about boxing, I’m used to knocking guys out.

“I gave the man his credit, I said I would correct myself, I respect Andy, But I wanted to put on a boxing masterclass.

“It’s the sweet science, it’s about hitting and not getting hit.

“No change in mentalist, stay hungry and stay humble. I’m going to remain humble in victory. Thanks to Ruiz and his family, thanks to Saudi, the fans and thanks to God and Eddie Hearn.”

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The Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS)  lifted the transfer embargo placed on Chelsea on Friday.

Chelsea had appealed an initial judgement that imposed the two-window transfer ban handed down by FIFA last February.


With the ban lifted, Chelsea can  now sign players during the transfer window.

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