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Producers Need To Start Looking At Up And Coming Actresses From Another Perspective -Omokaro Ifueko




Omokaro Ifueko-Esther is one of those who will eventually change the face of Nollywood. Spoke about the challenges of being an up and coming actress in this interview with us.

Nollywood is the fairytale of a lot of girls, was it yours?

It was something I have always loved to do right from my childhood. It is my passion, and I follow my passion. Acting is the only thing I see myself doing. I enjoy it and also get fulfilment from it.

It’s also a breeding ground for all sorts; did you get your parent’s blessing before joining?

My family members actually encouraged me to give it a try. They have been so supportive and I am grateful that they love what I do.

With roles being far and in between, what has kept you going?

It’s been God’s grace.

To what extent can you interpret a role?

I try to make every role as realistic as possible. Everything is make-believe and I try my best. I will do whatever I can to make sure my script is well interpreted and my directors are pleased. So far, I have been able to do exceptionally well. I am dedicated and I study my lines well.

In the course of interpreting a role, can you kiss a fellow actor with mouth odour?

Oh my God, I pray such situations never arise.

Up and coming actresses encounter a lot of challenges; tell us what you have gone through.

There are lots of challenges, from trying to cope and work with different kinds of people, and being hungry on set. Sometimes, the welfare is not always what you would have preferred. Being on set till 2am and having to wake up as early as 6am sometimes with burning eyes. There are times I will be on location for two days without doing a scene and I have to go back home hungry and stressed; but that’s acting for you. I always make sure those things don’t get to me. I have preconditioned my mind to stay focused and determined. Moreover, I love acting. As far back as I can remember, this is what I have always wanted to do. Every actor goes through the same rough times, I believe. You just have to stay focused, determined and love what you do and you will always have the energy to overcome the challenges.

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Given the opportunity, what would you love to change in the movie industry?

I would like to change the way producers see up and coming actress. Some of them are not even ready to accommodate or give us a trial. They believe in already existing names. It can be frustrating.

Sexual harassment is common in your industry, have you been a victim?

I have not experienced such so far and I pray I don’t have to because I can’t stand it; I’ll just back out.

Have you gotten to the point when you start to wonder, ‘what am I doing here’?

No. I have no regrets.

What would it cost for you to pose nude?

I can’t pose nude for any amount. Money can never make me forget my culture. I don’t have to act all the roles. I will leave the nude ones for those that are interested in acting nude.

Sex for roles is a major challenge for new actresses in Nollywood, do you agree?

I am aware that sex for roles is a major challenge for up and coming actresses in Nollywood. I know that sex for roles in the industry is real. However, I have not experienced it.

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You are beautiful, are you in a relationship presently?

No. I am not dating, at the moment I’m single.

Since you are not dating, tell us about your kind of man.

I love cute, tall, and hairless guys. The person must be God-fearing and ready to love and support what I do.

What are your aspirations?

I want to be able to work with some of the biggest names, both home and abroad and be able to take my acting to the world.

What scares you in life?

I am scared of failure. I am scared of the fact that I may not be able to live a fulfilled life.

Would you say the future is bright for you?

Indeed, it is. In a short while, I will be doing greater things. I love acting and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

What other aspect of the movie industry would you like to diversify into?

I’m not restricted to acting alone. I have plans to go into directing and production too and I am also a good dancer.

What was growing up like for you?

I grew up in Lagos State. I grew up in a polygamous setting, but I am very fulfilled and happy. My childhood was not really fun because I was always indoors; I was never allowed to go out whenever I returned from school and was not allowed to mix up with other children, so there was not much fun.

You didn’t talk about your parents, why is that?

I didn’t really grow up with my parents. My aunty taught me all I know because I grew up with her; I left my parents when I was still very young.

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