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Miss Nigeria’s Chidinma Aaron Embraces Fame



Chidinma Aaron

Chidinma Aaron hugged fame on Sunday, November 25, as she emerged the 42nd Miss Nigeria in a colourful event hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Kaylah Oniwo.

Competing against 17 other finalists who boasted great features and finesse, Aaron, who represented the South Eastern zone of Nigeria was unanimously declared winner at an event, which held at the Convention Centre of Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Representing the regions of Nigeria, the contestants initially stepped out in green dresses, but later returned in traditional attires and evening gowns to the delight of the audience present.

Initially shortlisted to 12, the contestants, amid cheers, were later cut down to five including Dunu Chisom, Ntah Nton, Ameh Munirah, Agida Stephanie by a group of judges including Rita Dominic, Olisa Adibua, Jasmine Tukur, David Wej, Tatiana Mousali, Grace Uredi, Fade Ogunro, Leesi Vigboro-Peters, Konye Nwabogor and Osepiribon Ben-Willie.

Following a question and answer session, Aaron emerged winner of the pageant amidst applause from both the judges and audience.

Stepping into the shoes of the out-gone queen, Mildred Ehiguese, Aaron smiled home with N3million, a luxury apartment and an automobile; while Dunu Chisom and Ameh Munirah followed as first and second runners up respectively.

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What Next Tonye Cole?




The saying that a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush is not alien to Tonye Cole, co-founder of Sahara Energy.

However, there are men who still aspire to build castles in the air irrespective of if they reside in them or not.

Perhaps, this explains the saying that if a dream does not scare the dreamer, it is not big enough.

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Cole might not be one with a tall ambition, but he is a man with an amazing dream and this informed his decision to leave a certain future as an Executive Director of Sahara Group to contest for the office of the first citizen of Rivers State.

Having swum through the ocean of murky political waters and lost the opportunity to contest the election, the next phase of the man’s life is what is attracting a lot of interest now.

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It Is A Privilege To Be Alive At 50-Otunba Tomori Williams



Otunba Tomori Williams

Humble, amiable and principled describe Otunba Tomori Williams, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TW Construction. He recently threw a classy birthday party to celebrate his 50th birthday. In this interview, he speaks on life at 50 and what has kept him going.

Do you consider turning 50 years a privilege?

It is a great privilege considering the fact that many could not even see a whole day from the date of their conception. So, it is a privilege that will always remain indelible in my mind, and I will be grateful to God for it. So, I am very very grateful to still be alive, and I pray that the Almighty God will grant me the grace to grow older than this in Jesus name.

What is now different?

Nothing aside from the fact that it makes me feel that I am growing old. Nothing.

So you dislike the fact that you are growing old?

It crosses my mind occasionally and I reflect on the fact that I have actually turned 50 years old. So, it is something that one would have to reflect upon. It is the reason why the Bible says that it is always important to celebrate one’s age because it will call you to the point of wisdom and sober reflection, a reflection of successes, downfall, and progress in life.

What informed the lavished party you threw to celebrate your new age?

I am not a party person, I don’t celebrate. In the past, it has been my well-wishers, my staff and friends that celebrate me. Even at that, I still make sure that it doesn’t get to the level of playing music. I am not a social person; I love my privacy a lot. To answer your question, you mark this kind of event once in a lifetime. I think turning 50 years is worth celebrating. Celebration in terms of celebrating God in my life, celebrating his presence, his goodness, his faithfulness, and loving-kindness towards me because I know that it is only by his making and his power that I could have gotten to this level. So, I didn’t celebrate anything, I celebrated God and what he has done for me. That was the essence of the party.

What are you grateful to God for?

For the gift of life. There is an Italian maxim that says ‘Doms Peri Peri’ when there is life, there is hope. It is the life that gives hope to everyone. It is what a man is and what he is going to be. So, my appreciation goes to God.

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You share your birthday with some powerful Nigerians, what impacts does this have on you?

It doesn’t mean anything. My date of birth is just the day that the lord almighty assigned me to be part of the entire universe. That day is just a date shared by a lot of other people in the world.

Humility is not always synonymous with the rich, yours is an exception.

Personally, I have not changed my old habits, I am still Tomori Williams. My humility is firstly from God because you cannot form any habit of your own except it is what God has actually mapped out for you. I will also give glory to God for my mum and dad, especially my mum. She actually played a lot of role in my present upbringing. Fortunately or unfortunately, I wasn’t brought up with a silver spoon. So, the aspect of being humble actually is synonymous with my upbringing. From the start, I looked at everybody as equal. Sometimes, when I am around my staff you hardly know who the boss is. On many occasions, clients have come to the office asking that they want to see Otunba Tomori Williams; that is the grace of God. The humble part of me is as a result of God’s love and perfection of my personal self.

What tale does your life story tell, inspiration?

Inspiration, I might not say yes. This is because I didn’t have any key role model. Seriously, I never really looked up to anybody; I have never said that I want to be like anybody.

Otunba Tomori Williams

Otunba Tomori Williams

Not even Justice Anthony Akpovi of Olotu Property?

Justice Anthony Akpovi was my mentor; I will give that to him any day or time. He is another humble guy; he is now almost an old man. Nonetheless, I will attribute my humility to God’s gift. It is just the grace of God.

The real estate industry is a place you play large in, can you tell us about your contributions

What I am grateful for is helping to change the landscape and the infrastructural and housing placement within the mainland and its environs. Basically, I will sit back and give glory to God for the new Olaleye project which is still ongoing. Also, I have done some landmark repossession jobs that I will sit back and give glory to God. The Gbagada repossession project is one that will remain indelible in my mind. To God be the glory because the best is yet to come. We have a number of other projects that will completely change the landscape in the mainland and especially the coastal line.

Otunba Tomori Williams

Otunba Tomori Williams

Tell us about your style.

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My style has no serious baring in life. When I was in university, one of the essences of you reading Philosophy was reading Philosophy 101.  We had a topic called the first course. Do you know who the first course was, that is the Lord Almighty. Whatever you are is the doing of God. I have seen a lot of people that are proud and full of themselves but are still rich. It is the lord almighty that distributes these things; I am just very fortunate, very very fortunate to be counted as somebody that is at least comfortable to feed morning, afternoon and night. Humility has its own advantages and disadvantages. To me, it has really helped me, but I can’t say it is what defines what God has done for me in terms of material gains. Whatever I have today, my belief is that it is not because of any form of wisdom or any form of knowledge. It is just the grace of God.

Has it gotten to the point where people take advantage of your humility?

People will always take advantage of you. Being humble has its own side effect, but it should not form any basic criteria for people to abuse you. You can be humble and be firm; you can be humble and be decisive. I am humble but I will not let people take advantage of my humility. Humility doesn’t mean people should be excessively gentle, its two ways. People taking advantage of your being humble is something I can’t really understand. But being gentle does not make you foolish.

What is the next phase of your life?

Every year in a man’s life is a turning point. 50 is just a number, it is one of the numbers in a man’s growing years, but I strongly believe that it calls for serious sober reflection. A man must sit down, reflect on where he is coming from, where he is and where he is going. The days of taking rash decisions, being unnecessary aggressive, the days of being reckless should be over. That is the way I looked at it. 50 should be a year to reflect soberly and prayerfully decide the next steps you want to take in life.

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The Growing Influence Of Seyi Tinubu



Seyi Tinubu

For a lot of people, Seyi Tinubu is merely the son of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the national leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

However, there is more to the man who is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Loatsad Promomedia Limited.

Since his marriage to Layal, he has been growing both in his business fronts and the political scene too.

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Now regarded as the go-to person and the eyes of his father as far as the politics of the southwest is concerned, there is no overemphasizing the power and influence that he now wields.

Though he has hardly shown any interest in politics, there are already insinuations that he is already set for it.

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Some time ago, he was at the forefront of an empowerment programme which was aimed at helping people. Promoted via his Noella Foundation, there are those who say he is already familiarizing himself with the electorate with a plan to launch a political career in 2023.

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