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Tuesday , 20 November 2018
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“Descent” Set To Hit Cinemas This Yuletide

There are quite a number of movies lined up for this Yuletide season, but out of every list there is always a priority and one of such is Awal Abdulfatai Rahmat’s “Descent”.

The movie which is set to hit the cinemas on Friday, 22nd December (as against the earlier date announced), is a conceptual movie mixed with action and thrill capable of rousing viewers to a state of elated bliss. It is made up of an artistic fusion of Nigerian A-list actors and Hollywood actors; reflecting actions like never before seen in the history of Nollywood movies.

“Descent” follows the story of Kalu Achebe (Zack Orji) and Andrew Morgan (Matt Stern) both underworld Dons that will do anything and everything to protect their families. They are tied to a twisted fate with Bongani Ndilovu (Phoenix Baaitse); humble farmer who simply wishes to protect his legacy; a thirst for vengeance and power.

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Written by Bridget Phatudi and Awal Abdulfatai Rahmat and directed by Awal Abdulfatai Rahmat, Produced by AQ Entertainment and McAwal Productions, “Descent” stars Zack Orji, Matt Stern, Tayo Faniran (First runner up Big Brother Africa), Benedict Sebastian, JT Medupe, Chibuzor Nwakwo, Palesa Medisakwane, Andrew Stock, Phoenix Baaitse, Sheena Deeparian and Ahmmad Kawser.

The movie features family, love, mother and child, the consequences of narcotics and arms dealing. The action thriller genre was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa. “Descent” has won a Recognition Award for Best Picture International Trailer and also at the 2016 completed Special Movie Award (SMA) in the Republic of Gambia.


Known for his trademark in conceptual content development, Awal Abdulfatai Rahmat, the Director, is a talented young man of amazing prowess in his 30s. He has vast experiences in the media business development, TV content management, media marketing communication skills.

Speaking on “Descent”, he relayed his optimism about the movie being a box office success. He also asserted the fact that viewers would not be disappointed and the movie would as well deliver the action thrill, and twist of comedy viewers are not going to forget anytime soon.


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