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Monday , 20 May 2019
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Amaechi @ 54: His Impact as an Exemplary Leader in the Education Sector (Part Three)


By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze   Preamble   In my series of examining the extraordinary feats of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and exposing him as the epitome of exemplary leadership in governance based on the theme for his 54th birthday ceremony that comes up on 27th May, 2019, I wish in this treatise which I titled, “Amaechi @ 54: His Impact as ...

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Nigeria after the Oil Age By Tony Ogunlowo

Foreign Currency

With the rest of the world  beginning to turn its back on petroleum products in favour of sustainable renewable energy sources the demand for oil in the coming years will drop: the current price of  crude oil stands at about $60 per barrel and analyst are predicting this will drop to about $15 per barrel in less than 20 years. ...

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In the words of Joe Paterno, “Success without honour is an unseasoned dish. It satisfies the hunger, but doesn’t taste good”. Day in day out, the masses cry for true leadership under an egalitarian and just party structure with undivided zoning arrangement, but none has boldly stood up to question how this obnoxious system is changed for the betterment and “blossoming ...

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Senator Bukola Abubakar Saraki is a member of the ruling class by birth, having been born into the Senator Olusola Saraki’s political dynasty in Kwara State. The young Bukola, like most privileged children of the elites, had his path to success well laid out. He had the best education both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He also quickly cut ...

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Only You can Prepare Yourself for Success


By Tony Ogunlowo  For some, success comes easy while for a great many of us we have to toil for it. The writer Piers Plowright once said that “ great men do not walk easy roads”. To get to where you want to be in life can often  be a laborious journey: there are no shortcuts; there are but if you use ...

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Iyaloja Of Computer Village And The Tragedy Of A Nation Resistant To Development


By Bright Ogundare Considering these, the imposition of Babaloja and Iyaloja on computer village with the huge money flowing in the market is an attempt to enrich those benefiting from the hardships of millions of Lagos traders while adding the traders to the list of their victims.   BY BRIGHT OGUNDARE MAY 03, 2019 All over the world among countries ...

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“Predicting the Stock Market Is Easier Than You Think”

Stock Market

Even if you don’t trade stocks for a living, or have any financial background whatsoever, being able to predict the future economy can be a huge benefit to your financial situation. Real estate can be sold at its highs, money can be drawn from mutual funds that are expected to rise indefinitely, and when things start to go bad, moving ...

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You Might Not Actually Be Struggling With Depression


***But you may be dealing with depression’s lesser known evil twin “My depression is worse than ever.” Sipping my Americano, I nod in response to my friend and then open and close my palm in a gesture to say “Tell me more.” A few years earlier he went through a dark time when a drunk driver hit his motorcycle and he ...

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Did Teni the entertainer lie to us?


‘But my papa no be Dangote or Adeleke, but we go dey ok yea yea ….I go call M.C Oluomo’ -Teni the entertainer, Case The lines above are the most well known from Teni the entertainer’s hit song, Case. She insinuates, that even if you don’t have parents who are rich business men like Dangote or influential politicians like Mc ...

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The quest for vanity (1)


By Chukwudi Sopuruchi Growing up as child till date as a full grown adult, I have garnered wealth of experiences and so convinced now that human wants are insatiable. The more you think you have got all you needed, the more the reality of the fact that your needs keep expanding and you have no enough to take care of ...

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