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Saturday , 22 September 2018
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The future of Kogi East and Victor Adoji’s aspiration, By Omachi Achor


Ever since Kogi State was created, our pending problems have always been our inability to provide or elect for ourselves a good and responsible government that will always react adequately to the problems of the state and also proffer lasting solutions to these problems as they develop. This political lack, failure and inability have not only permitted the several under-developments ...

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PDP set to self-destruct, reawakens impunity, By Isah Odaudu


The Uche Secondus-led PDP NWC and the PDP caucus of National Assembly held meeting at the Transcorp Hilton today at which very far-reaching decisions were made. Chief among the decisions is the resolution to grant automatic tickets to serving members of the National Assembly in States where the Party is not holding sway while allowing the Governors in PDP controlled ...

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Nigeria; A Nation In Need Of Free Speech


Merit, taken objectively, is ‘something earned, something owed to a person. Taken subjectively, merit is the right of a person to his earning and is of two types- condign and congruous merits. While condign merit deals with strict justice to a reward, congruous merit is not so much a right as a claim but rests upon what is suitable or ...

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Special Report: Death By Spouse Cases On The Increase


*Signs Of The End Times Says Cleric *Jealousy Is The Main Factor – Psychologist Lukmon Akintola Lagos Marriage in many religions is ‘Till death do us part’. Death being referred to is the natural death; old age or unfortunate accident. But some spouses these days are reinventing the wheel and taking matters into their own hands. If natural death is ...

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  I hope that posterity will judge me kindly, not only as to the things which I have explained, but also to those which I have intentionally omitted so as to leave to others the pleasure of discovery. Rene Descartes History is never biased. It’s fairer than the judges that struts the earth, very impartial in dishing out judgment and ...

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Group Condemns Call For The Impeachment Of Saraki


Voice  from the  East  (VEAST) , an Igbo  Group,   has condemned  call for   the impeachment  of  Bukola  Saraki   as  Senate  President  by  Adams  Oshiomhole  and  entire  APC  hierarchy ,  describing  it as   convolution  of   democratic contours  that could  ruffle  the feathers of peaceful coexistence  in a  hitherto fragile  Nigeria . While  addressing journalists  in Enugu over the issue, the convener  of the group, Comrade  Kindness  Jonah, wondered why  glaring democratic undoing  by the present government    have   been tactically down played  by the same  source calling for the impeachment of  Saraki .  ‘‘‘‘ Why  have   Adams  Oshiomhole  and APC   shamefully and knowingly ignored the   hydra-headed  dispositions of  the negative  mantra  exhibited  by the ...

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Senator Attai Aidoko Sir, legal quests or legislation?


Recently, I embarked on a journey to Ugbamaka lgah, the ancestral home of senator Attai Aidoko representing Kogi East in the senate. Whirling the community without a glance on potential pay-off for producing a Senator of the Federal republic, I resorted for interrogation and a retired police officer has this to say: “This is not river, but a stream. The ...

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A Lesson In Resilience


For more than three weeks last month 12 boys, the youngest of them being just 11 years old, were trapped in a cave in Thailand, not knowing whether they were going to get out – alive – or not. For the first 9 days of their ordeal before they were found they were in pitch darkness, they had no food ...

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When one go through troubles or hardship one can say why do these things happen to me? One can also say life is terrible. But life really is not that terrible. If I have learnt one thing, it is that everything happens for a purpose, ether to lift one higher or to give one more experience about life.  I had this ...

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GYM: The Complete Guide to Overcoming Gymtimidation


***How to enjoy the gym with confidence—and make it a better place for everyone The first time I walked into a gym was around fifth grade, to lift weights with my middle school cheerleading squad. Thirty years later, the gym is like home to me. The sights, the sounds and — lord help me — even the smells are part of a familiar, comfortable place. ...

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