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Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Ways to prevent food from going to waste

wasted food

You can eat better, healthier and save yourself the cost of wasted food by simply employing some helpful tips to prevent food from going to waste. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No. 1 online food ordering app, shares some of the ways to prevent food from going to waste. Store The Food Properly This is quite obvious, however, it is sometimes ignored when ...

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Popular Foods That Makes You Gain Crazy Weight

crazy weight

It might surprise you to know that some foods you were so sure could hardly be a source of weight gain can actually be if appropriate portion/serving sizes are not taken. As a result, seemingly healthy foods might end up doing more harm to you than good. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no. 1 online food ordering platform, shares 4 popular foods you ...

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Nigerian Breweries Plc was recently honoured for its outstanding performance in the Consumer Goods Sector of the Nigerian economy at the 2017 Pearl Awards. The company was presented with the 2017 Sectoral Leadership Award in the Consumer Goods Category (Breweries) at the event which held at the Grand Ball Room, Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos on Sunday, November ...

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Interesting Things Your Eating Habit Says About You

eating habit

Have you ever wondered exactly what the way you eat says about you? You honestly can learn a lot about a person by just observing the way they eat. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no. 1 online food ordering platform, shares 5 things your eating habit says about you. Being a Slow Eater The slow eater is almost always the last person to finish ...

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Goldberg, the leading culture centric beer brand from the stables of Nigerian Breweries Plc, on Friday rewarded 28 entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners operating in Ondo State with a total sum of ₦8.4million through Isedowo, its empowerment initiative.   The 28 beneficiaries received a business grant of ₦300,000 each after being selected from a large pool of over 700 business entries ...

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Culinary Tourism: Attracting Tourists’ Footfall with Local Foods


People travelled for different reasons in the past. Some travelled to visit families, others to attend a ceremony such as a wedding or birthday or a religious programme, while some others travelled to enjoy a few days of quiet and relaxation at some place far away from home. In the last decade, people have started traveling for a different purpose: ...

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Black Friday Festival: Jumia Food Shuts Down Music Concert with Eating Competition

Black Friday Festival

In what appears to be the first time an e-commerce company in Africa will organise a music concert to usher in the Black Friday festival, Jumia Group Nigeria (all the companies within the ecosystem) surpassed its customers’ expectations this year by organising a music concert in honour of the Black Friday festival which started on the 13th of November and ...

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Best Foods to eat when in Ghana


Ghana is a beautiful and brimming West African country that is rich in culture, tradition and delicious cuisines.  A lot of Ghana’s culture reflects in its local cuisines and you can clearly see the brilliant way Ghanaians induce the use of local crops and food sources to produce their tasty and mouth-watering cuisines. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, ...

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know about processed food

There are a lot of processed food in the market today, and what most people enjoy about them is the fact that they are cheap, easy to obtain and take a small amount of time and effort to prepare. However, it is important to know that though convenient, processed foods are not what you should be consuming all the time ...

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Useful tips to overcome binge eating


The temptation to binge can indeed be one of the hardest things to overcome. However, there are some useful tips that can help deal with this temptation and help you eventually overcome it. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No. 1 online food ordering platform, shares 5 useful tips to deal with binge eating. Keep Record of What You Eat It is easier to ...

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